Brinson in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Brinson
John Brinson
James Brinson
Thomas Brinson
Albert Brinson
George Brinson
Alfred Brinson
Tom Brinson
Benjamin Brinson
Arthur Brinson
Walter Brinson
Henry Brinson
Robert Brinson
Ernest Brinson
Jessie Brinson
Archibald Brinson
Wm. Brinson
Isaac Brinson
Herbert Brinson
Stephen Brinson
Fred Brinson
Robt. Brinson
Evan Brinson
Reuben Brinson
Eli Brinson
Jesse Brinson
Ivor Brinson
Willie Brinson
Hermon Brinson
Frederick Brinson
Sidney Brinson
Francis Brinson
Lambert Brinson

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Brinson
Sarah Brinson
Mary Brinson
Ann Brinson
Alice Brinson
Lucy Brinson
Ellen Brinson
Jane Brinson
Emma Brinson
Ada Brinson
Louisa Brinson
Kate Brinson
Eliza Brinson
Caroline Brinson
Amelia Brinson
Emily Brinson
Charlotte Brinson
Amy Brinson
Martha Brinson
Mandi Brinson
Elsie Brinson
Elizth. Brinson
Lilly Brinson
Clara Brinson
Thursa Brinson
Henry Brinson
Hannah Brinson
Augusta Brinson
Rosa Brinson
Flora Brinson
Evelyn Brinson
Maria Brinson
Albina Brinson
Lizzie Brinson
Laura Brinson
Edith Brinson
Selena Brinson
Harriet Brinson
Bessey Brinson
Ruth Brinson
H. Brinson
Annie Brinson
Merina Brinson
Fanny Brinson

Top occupations

Fire Wood Caller
Net Braider
Market Gardener
Farm Lab
General Serv
Farm Labr
Farmer Wife
Income From Houses & Land
Gen Serv
Formerly Nurse
Fore Woman Of Glovers Factory
Fire Wood Dealer
Ladies Outfitter (Dress)
Labourer Wife (Farm)
Labourer (Farm)
General Servant (Domestic)
Genl Serv
Genl Serv Domestic
Iron Turner
Grocers Porter
Housemaid Domestic Serv
Grocer & Tea Dealer
Farmer Of 60 Acres 2 Men
Cook Domestic Serv
Coal Merchants Wife
Apprentice Cigar Making
Carpenter Apprentice
At Home
Agricultural Labourer
Wood Sawyer
Domestic Servant
Farmer Of 140 Acres Employing 1 Man
Farmer Of 140 Acres
Farmer 36 Acres
Farm Servant
Farm Lab Wife
Factory Hand
Engineer S & M
Domestic Servant Housemaid