Bringloe in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Bringloe
George Bringloe
Arthur Bringloe
John Bringloe
Charles Bringloe
Fredick Bringloe
Capel Bringloe
Richard Bringloe
Herbert Bringloe
C. Bringloe
Thomas Bringloe
Harry Bringloe

Top female forenames

Ann Bringloe
Elizabeth Bringloe
Mary Bringloe
Alice Bringloe
Kate Bringloe
Georgiana Bringloe
Ellen Bringloe
Elizth. Bringloe
Selina Bringloe
Catherine Bringloe
Rebecca Bringloe
Anna Bringloe
Fanny Bringloe
Sophia Bringloe
Edith Bringloe
Sarah Bringloe
Anne Bringloe
Phoebe Bringloe
Marie Bringloe
Gertrude Bringloe
Flora Bringloe
Emma Bringloe
Eliza Bringloe

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Agricultural Labourer
Chair Woman
General Practioner M.C.R.S.
General Practitioner M.R.C.S.L. & L.A.C.
General Servant Domestic
Herds Man
Iron St Mine
Iron St Miner
News Clerk
Surgeon Licentiate Of The Faculty Of Physicians & Surgeons Glasgow