Brimley in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Brimley
William Brimley
James Brimley
Richard Brimley
Joseph Brimley
Thomas Brimley
George Brimley
Charles Brimley
Frank Brimley
Arthur Brimley
Alfred Brimley
Robert Brimley
Samuel Brimley
Henry Brimley
Fredrick Brimley
Eli Brimley
Edward Brimley
Herbert Brimley
Harry Brimley
Benjamin Brimley
Amos Brimley
Sam Brimley
Aaron Brimley
Percy Brimley
Nathan Brimley
Ernest Brimley
Mark Brimley
Saml. Brimley
Geo. Brimley
Peter Brimley
Frederick Brimley
Owen Brimley
Francis Brimley
Mary Brimley
Eric Brimley
Elern Brimley
Joel Brimley
Charlie Brimley
Walter Brimley
Jabez Brimley

Top female forenames

Mary Brimley
Elizabeth Brimley
Sarah Brimley
Alice Brimley
Ann Brimley
Jane Brimley
Caroline Brimley
Annie Brimley
Eliza Brimley
Hannah Brimley
Margaret Brimley
Ellen Brimley
Louisa Brimley
Emily Brimley
Kate Brimley
Catherine Brimley
Lucy Brimley
Emma Brimley
Rosetta Brimley
Frances Brimley
Percy Brimley
Esther Brimley
Anne Brimley
Susannah Brimley
Charlotte Brimley
Katherine Brimley
Agnes Brimley
Jessie Brimley
Elizth. Brimley
Winifred Brimley
Isabella Brimley
Susan Brimley
Henrietta Brimley
Edith Brimley
Celia Brimley
Eve Brimley
Etty Brimley
Bertha Brimley
Maggie Brimley
Elizth.S. Brimley
Hephzibah Brimley
Eliz.Ann Brimley
Rebecca Brimley
Fanny Brimley
Maryann Brimley
Eva Brimley
Betsy Brimley
Ethel Brimley

Top occupations

Cotton Weaver
Ag Lab
Agricultural Labourer
Cotton Operative
Opera Case Maker
Leather Dresser
Assistant Hotel Inn Serv
Domestic Servant
Lace Maker
Pupil Teacher
Dress Maker
Cotton Piecer
Provision Dealer
Boot Maker
General Servant(Domestic)
General Servant Domestic
Gas Engineer
Gardener For Gentleman
Army Shoe Maker
Woollen Operative
Farmer 300 Acres Employing 6 Men 3 Boys
Errand Boy
Engineers Clerk Ag
Engine Driver
Bobber (Iron Polisher)
Domestic Serv
Domestic Help
Bricklayer Wife
Butcher Wife
Cotton Reeler
Carpenter And Undertaker
Cotton Operative Spinner
Carpenter Employing 2 Men 1 Boy
Cotton Cloth Hooker
Cook Dom