Briginshaw in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Briginshaw
John Briginshaw
George Briginshaw
Thomas Briginshaw
Frederick Briginshaw
Arthur Briginshaw
Joseph Briginshaw
Henry Briginshaw
Edwin Briginshaw
Edgar Briginshaw
Stanley Briginshaw
Charles Briginshaw
Richard Briginshaw
Alfred Briginshaw
Oscar Briginshaw
Infant Briginshaw
Frank Briginshaw
Edward Briginshaw
Chas Briginshaw
Robert Briginshaw
Oswald Briginshaw
A.C. Briginshaw
Jesse Briginshaw

Top female forenames

Mary Briginshaw
Eliza Briginshaw
Jane Briginshaw
Elizabeth Briginshaw
Ann Briginshaw
Gertrude Briginshaw
Alice Briginshaw
Florence Briginshaw
Kate Briginshaw
Fanny Briginshaw
Emily Briginshaw
Maud Briginshaw
Mable Briginshaw
Deborah Briginshaw
Lilla Briginshaw
Annie Briginshaw
Eva Briginshaw
Rosa Briginshaw
Emma Briginshaw
Mercy Briginshaw
Dinah Briginshaw
Louisa Briginshaw
Charlotte Briginshaw
Anne Briginshaw
Grace Briginshaw
Andrew Briginshaw
Georgina Briginshaw
Ada Briginshaw
Sophia Briginshaw
Ethel Briginshaw
Minnie Briginshaw

Top occupations

Drapers Assistant
Agricultural Labr
Lodginghouse Keeper
Late Domestic Servant
House Keeper
General Labr
Gardener Dom
Mantle Maker
Master Butcher Capt Of Fire Brigade
Master Cheesemonger Employing 4 Men
Monthly Nurse (S M S)
Oil & Color Man
Ostler I S
Packer At Biscuit Factory
Station Master
Straw Plaiter
Gardener (Domestic Servt)
Fund Holder
Assistant Stationer
Bakers Assistant
Barmaid Inn
Brick Manufacturer
Colonial Mercht Clerk
Commercial Traveller
Commercial Traveller Wife
Commission Salesman
Fishmonger And Poulterer
Fly Driver
Fly Propietor
Fly Proprietor
Tobacco Traveller