Bowcock in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Bowcock
John Bowcock
James Bowcock
George Bowcock
Thomas Bowcock
Joseph Bowcock
Henry Bowcock
Charles Bowcock
Samuel Bowcock
Arthur Bowcock
Frederick Bowcock
Richard Bowcock
Edwin Bowcock
David Bowcock
Alfred Bowcock
Frank Bowcock
Albert Bowcock
Edward Bowcock
Willm. Bowcock
Walter Bowcock
Sydney Bowcock
Anthony Bowcock
Solomon Bowcock
Fredenen Bowcock
Robert Bowcock
Obadiah Bowcock
Elijah Bowcock
Louis Bowcock
Eli Bowcock
Wm. Bowcock
Clifford Bowcock
Thos.C. Bowcock
Hugh Bowcock
Chas.F. Bowcock
Harvey Bowcock
Stephen Bowcock
Andrew Bowcock
Fred Bowcock
Alexandra Bowcock
Ernest Bowcock
Mark Bowcock
Elias Bowcock
Jas. Bowcock
Isaac Bowcock
Child Bowcock
Thos. Bowcock

Top female forenames

Mary Bowcock
Elizabeth Bowcock
Emma Bowcock
Sarah Bowcock
Jane Bowcock
Eliza Bowcock
Harriet Bowcock
Annie Bowcock
Hannah Bowcock
Alice Bowcock
Martha Bowcock
Ann Bowcock
Edith Bowcock
Ellen Bowcock
Laura Bowcock
Phoebe Bowcock
Florence Bowcock
Amelia Bowcock
Lilly Bowcock
Elizth. Bowcock
Rosa Bowcock
Rebecca Bowcock
Catherine Bowcock
Susan Bowcock
Selina Bowcock
Julia Bowcock
Clara Bowcock
Sophia Bowcock
Lucy Bowcock
Ruth Bowcock
Rose Bowcock
Ada Bowcock
Elizebeth Bowcock
Harriett Bowcock
Dinah Bowcock
Maud Bowcock
Averiller Bowcock
Esther Bowcock
Anne Bowcock
Margt. Bowcock
Emily Bowcock
Sally Bowcock
Amy Bowcock
Louisa Bowcock
Elizth.Ann Bowcock
Rosina Bowcock
Lavinia Bowcock
Elizt. Bowcock
Rosamond Bowcock
Roada Bowcock

Top occupations

Silk Dyer
Silk Worker
Stone Mason
Ag Lab
Cotton Weaver
Cotton Winder
Silk Piecer
Iron Moulder
No Occupation
Clog Maker
Silk Dresser
Silk Spooler
Silk Worker Piecer
Iron Turner
Domestic Servant
Silk Skeiner
Cotton Spinner
Cotton Reel Packer
Cotter Weaver
Domestic Help
Drapers Assistant
Butchers Assistant
Baker Wife
...Maker (Tin)
Agent For Coal Co
Agricultral Foreman (Labr)
Agrl Labourer
Asst To Genl Agent
Baker Assist
Carpenter Employing 1 Man
Wood Turner
Boot And Shoe Maker
Box Maker
Bricklayer Wife
Brush Manufacturer
C Maker Up
Card Room Hand