Borlase in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Borlase
John Borlase
James Borlase
Thomas Borlase
Frederick Borlase
Edwin Borlase
Joseph Borlase
Solomon Borlase
Samuel Borlase
Edward Borlase
Arthur Borlase
Thos. Borlase
George Borlase
Charles Borlase
Walter Borlase
Chs. Borlase
Albert Borlase
Hubert Borlase
Tom Borlase
Hedly Borlase
Francis Borlase
Richd. Borlase
David Borlase
Philip Borlase
Anthony Borlase
Wm. Borlase
Jabez Borlase
Henry Borlase
Thos.H. Borlase
Granville Borlase
Sidney Borlase
Faithful Borlase
Robert Borlase
Richard Borlase

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Borlase
Mary Borlase
Emily Borlase
Jane Borlase
Ellen Borlase
Emma Borlase
Annie Borlase
Eliza Borlase
Sarah Borlase
Bessie Borlase
Kate Borlase
Rebecca Borlase
Harriet Borlase
Caroline Borlase
Alice Borlase
Ida Borlase
Grace Borlase
Ann Borlase
Susanna Borlase
Lydia Borlase
Sophia Borlase
Eleanor Borlase
Clara Borlase
Catherine Borlase
Maria Borlase
Ursule Borlase
Mageret Borlase
Elizth. Borlase
Susan Borlase
Lucy Borlase
Selina Borlase
Effie Borlase
Sally Borlase
Edith Borlase
Christian Borlase
Phillippa Borlase
Miriam Borlase
Florence Borlase
Athelia Borlase
Martha Borlase
Emly Borlase
Margaret Borlase
Lousisa Borlase
Edna Borlase
Rosa Borlase
Hetty Borlase
Phoebe Borlase
Hannah Borlase
Olga Borlase
Georgiana Borlase

Top occupations

Clay Labourer
Ag Lab
Copper Miner
Clay Laborer
Solicitor Sister
Farm Laborer
Tin Miner
Formerly Innkeeper
Chief Clerk & Surveyor To The Scottish Imperial Insurance Company
Dom Servant
General Serv Domestic
General Labourer
Wife Master Mariner
Formerly Servant
Farmer & Carpenter
Dressmaker Plain Work
Engine Driver Tin Mine
Farmers Widow
Farmer Of 3 1/4 Acres
Farm Servant Indoor
Blacksmith Apprentice
((Clay Work)) Engine Driver
((Tin Miners Widow))
Ag Lab Wife
Assistant School Master
Authors Wife
Bank Cashier
Cook (D)
Bread & Grocery dealer
Builder & Farmer 18 Acres Employing 1 Servant
Builders Wife
Carpenters Son
Carpenters Wife
((Clay Laborers Widow))
Clay Miner