Boore in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Boore
William Boore
Thomas Boore
Alfred Boore
Charles Boore
George Boore
Henry Boore
Frank Boore
Richard Boore
Ernest Boore
Arthur Boore
Albert Boore
Whittaker Boore
Frederick Boore
Bertrarm Boore
Harold Boore
Ainon Boore
Geo. Boore
Walter Boore
Fredk Boore
Stansall Boore
Ruben Boore
Edward Boore
Isaac Boore
Harry Boore
Wm.Thomas Boore
Fredk.J. Boore
Samuel Boore
Francis Boore
Richd. Boore
Edwd. Boore
Percey Boore
Daniel Boore
James Boore

Top female forenames

Mary Boore
Elizabeth Boore
Amelia Boore
Maria Boore
Sarah Boore
Harriet Boore
Eliza Boore
Annie Boore
Ada Boore
Charlotte Boore
Susan Boore
Jane Boore
Anne Boore
Florence Boore
Amy Boore
Alice Boore
Ellen Boore
Emmeline Boore
Agnes Boore
Margaret Boore
Eleanor Boore
Louise Boore
Kate Boore
Catharine Boore
Anny Boore
Polly Boore
Minnie Boore
Ethel Boore
Martha Boore
Agnas Boore
Margt. Boore
Mabel Boore
Clara Boore
Louisa Boore
Catherine Boore
Sylvia Boore
John Boore
Caroline Boore
Stella Boore
Isabel Boore
Ruth Boore
Hannah Boore
Ann Boore
Phoebe Boore
Fanny Boore

Top occupations

Farmers Son
Pupil Teacher
No Occupation
Steel Works
Farmers Dau
Boot Maker
Carpenter & Joiner
Farming 120 Acres Employing 2 Men And 1 Boy
General Laborer
General Porter
General Serv
Baller At Iron Works
Governess (P)
Governess (Private)
Groom (Dom)
House Keeper
Bricklayer (Journeyman)
Housekeeper Dom
Housemaid (Dom)
Inn Keeper
Architect & Builder
Iron Worker
Journeyman Baker
Dyer Wife
Carpenters Apprentice
Clerk Lon S West Railway
Colliery Clerk Cashier ...
Cook Dom
Dealer In Glass And Paper
Dress & Mantle Maker
Farmer Of 133 Acrs
Farmer Of 332 Acres Employing 4 Men 2 Boys
Farmer Of 354 Ac Employing 5 Men
Farmer Of 6 Acres
Farmer Of 78 Acres Emp 1 Man
Bricklayer (Journeyman) Wife
Farmers Daughter