Biscoe in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Biscoe
James Biscoe
Henry Biscoe
George Biscoe
Joseph Biscoe
William Biscoe
Harry Biscoe
Thomas Biscoe
Charles Biscoe
Arthur Biscoe
Vincent Biscoe
Edward Biscoe
Robert Biscoe
Cornelius Biscoe
Cecil Biscoe
Alfred Biscoe
Wm. Biscoe
Francis Biscoe
Thos. Biscoe
Edgar Biscoe
C. Biscoe
J. Biscoe
Archibald Biscoe
Wm.Frederick Biscoe
Albert Biscoe
Willm. Biscoe
Frderick Biscoe
Ernest Biscoe
Sidney Biscoe
Ebenezer Biscoe
A. Biscoe
Edwin Biscoe
Stephen Biscoe
Samuel Biscoe
Daniel Biscoe
Richard Biscoe

Top female forenames

Sarah Biscoe
Mary Biscoe
Ann Biscoe
Emma Biscoe
Alice Biscoe
Maria Biscoe
Ellen Biscoe
Anne Biscoe
Fanny Biscoe
Emily Biscoe
Jane Biscoe
Harriet Biscoe
Florence Biscoe
Lucy Biscoe
Eliza Biscoe
Frances Biscoe
Elizabeth Biscoe
Louisa Biscoe
Amelia Biscoe
Martha Biscoe
Alere Biscoe
Vilita Biscoe
Leonora Biscoe
Sophia Biscoe
E.V. Biscoe
Julia Biscoe
S. Biscoe
Diana Biscoe
Henrietta Biscoe
Rosa Biscoe
Catherine Biscoe
Hannah Biscoe
Minnie Biscoe
Amy Biscoe
Marian Biscoe
Ada Biscoe
Lydia Biscoe
Susannah Biscoe
Edith Biscoe
Lavania Biscoe
E. Biscoe
Rosina Biscoe
Cecilia Biscoe
Annie Biscoe
Mry Biscoe
Georgina Biscoe
Matilda Biscoe

Top occupations

Farm Labourer
Clergymans Daur
Clergymans Widow
Ironer (W & B)
Straw Trade
Hotel Keeper Wife
Job Master & Cab Proprietor Employing 3 Men
J P D L Far Of 280 A 11 M 5 B
Wine & Spirit Merchant
Formerly Carriers Wife
Gas Fitter
Gel Domestic
Gen Lab
General Serv
Housemaid (D S)
General Serv Dom
General Servant Domestic
Head Clerk Secretarys Office In A Chch Oxan
Iron Trimmer
Horse Keeper
Hotel Keeper
Housemaid Dom
Farmers (Son)
Domestic Servant
Captain H Plate H 19 Reg H M Gd J P For Essex
Cab Driver
Butler (Dom Serv)
Brewers Manager
Book Binder
Clergyman Ch Of Eng
Clerk H M Probate Registry Somerset House
Dock Labourer
Dock Laborer
Deal Porters Wife
Deal Porter
Curate Of Stathern
Coal Dealer
Coachman Domestic Servt