Bevins in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Bevins
William Bevins
Thomas Bevins
George Bevins
Joseph Bevins
Alfred Bevins
Arthur Bevins
Charles Bevins
Walter Bevins
James Bevins
Richard Bevins
Samuel Bevins
Ralph Bevins
Edmund Bevins
Daniel Bevins
Henry Bevins
Geo. Bevins
Frederick Bevins
Edward Bevins
Robert Bevins
Alando Bevins
Aaron Bevins
Morris Bevins
Francis Bevins
Leonard Bevins
David Bevins
Tom Bevins
Jacob Bevins
Thos. Bevins
Isiah Bevins
Bennet Bevins
Sidney Bevins
Herbert Bevins
Allen Bevins
Roger Bevins
Albert Bevins
G. Bevins
Abraham Bevins
Nathaniel Bevins
Frederic Bevins
Mathew Bevins
Ernest Bevins
Wm. Bevins
Thos.George Bevins
J.J. Bevins
Bertrand Bevins
Isaaca Bevins

Top female forenames

Mary Bevins
Sarah Bevins
Elizabeth Bevins
Hannah Bevins
Jane Bevins
Annie Bevins
Martha Bevins
Margaret Bevins
Ann Bevins
Emma Bevins
Amy Bevins
Alice Bevins
Sophia Bevins
Agnes Bevins
Eliza Bevins
Caroline Bevins
Barbara Bevins
Ellen Bevins
Elizbth. Bevins
Eleanor Bevins
Harriet Bevins
Clara Bevins
Catherine Bevins
Maria Bevins
Frances Bevins
Louisa Bevins
Elizeberth Bevins
Rachel Bevins
Charlotte Bevins
Gemima Bevins
Margt. Bevins
Anne Bevins
Judeth Bevins
Rosa Bevins
Jesse Bevins
Eliza. Bevins
Pheobe Bevins
Ada Bevins
Isabella Bevins
Minnie Bevins
Gertrude Bevins
Betsy Bevins
Fanny Bevins
Anna Bevins
Lamey Bevins
Rose Bevins
Jessie Bevins
Olivia Bevins
Harriett Bevins
Dency Bevins

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Farmers Son
General Labourer
Gas Fitter
File Cutter
Brass Finisher
Press ... (...)
Iron Worker
Errand Boy
Farm Labourer
Domestic Servant
Paper Stainer
Farmers Wife
Dyeworks (Labr)
Bricklayers Labourer
Brewers Labourer
Book Folder
Ag Labourer
Ag Lab
Farmers Daur
Farm Serv Indoor
Fancy Hosier
Fancy Hand (Tex) (Gds)
Factory Hand (Tex)
Farmer Of 19 Acres Employing The Son
Farmer Of 200 Acres Employs 3 Men
Farmer Of 30 Acres
Farmer Of 30 Acres Wife
Cotton Reeler
Factors Clerk
Dom Serv
Cotton Weaver
Cotton Speed Tenter
Coal Pit Broom Man
Coach Body Mkr
Wife Coach Body Mkr
Bricklayer Farmer Of 2 Acres
Bricklayer Apprentice
Book Folder (Forewoman)
Bonnett Maker (Milliner)
Agric Labr
Ag Laborer