Benning in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

George Benning
William Benning
James Benning
Charles Benning
John Benning
Henry Benning
Thomas Benning
Frederick Benning
Albert Benning
Edward Benning
Arthur Benning
Joseph Benning
Fredk. Benning
Alfred Benning
Ernest Benning
Samuel Benning
Walter Benning
Chas. Benning
Mark Benning
Edwin Benning
Daniel Benning
Richard Benning
Job Benning
Jesse Benning
Sidney Benning
Bertie Benning
Ralph Benning
Fredrick Benning
Andrew Benning
Nicholas Benning
Francis Benning
Wm.J. Benning
Jno. Benning
Earnest Benning
Chas.J. Benning
Harry Benning
Oliver Benning
Michael Benning
Fred. Benning
Willie Benning
David Benning
Ivor Benning
Claud Benning
Harvey Benning
Robert Benning
Granger Benning

Top female forenames

Mary Benning
Elizabeth Benning
Jane Benning
Sarah Benning
Ellen Benning
Emily Benning
Alice Benning
Annie Benning
Ada Benning
Martha Benning
Margaret Benning
Charlotte Benning
Rebecca Benning
Louisa Benning
Caroline Benning
Rose Benning
Fanny Benning
Lizzie Benning
Hannah Benning
Lucy Benning
Ann Benning
Kate Benning
Eliza Benning
Helen Benning
Susan Benning
Clara Benning
Georgina Benning
Anne Benning
Amelia Benning
Edith Benning
Matilda Benning
Rosina Benning
Florence Benning
Bertha Benning
Emma Benning
Ella Benning
Mena Benning
May Benning
Maryann Benning
Harriet Benning
Sophia Benning
Grace Benning
Bessie Benning
Lousia Benning
Augustina Benning
Pricilla Benning
Lilly Benning
Minnie Benning
Jemima Benning
Mehala Benning

Top occupations

Lace Maker
Brush Drawer
Hay Binder (Ag Lab)
Brush Maker
Straw Plaiter
Shoe Maker
Boot Closer
General Laborer
Taylor Machinist
Errand Boy
Ag Lab
Thread Reeler Cotton Mill
General Servant
No Occupation
Solicitors General Clerk
Boot Maker
Bakers Apprentice
General Serv
Farmers Wife
Farmer Of 63 Acres Employing 1 Boy
Factory Hand(Text)
Farm Bailiff Of 321 Acres Employing 6 Men 4 Boys
Farmer 157 Acres Employing 3 Men & 3 Boys
Farmer Of 30 Acres Employ Man & Boy Occasionally
Classical Printers Reader
Book Binder
Booksellers Assistant
Wifes Daughter
Chair Turner
Apprentice To Printer
Coachman Domestic
Coal Heaver
Coal Merch
Com Clerk
Coml Traveler Of Stationery