Benney in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Benney
William Benney
Richard Benney
James Benney
Thomas Benney
Henry Benney
Joseph Benney
Edward Benney
Albert Benney
Charles Benney
Walter Benney
Arthur Benney
Harry Benney
George Benney
Alfred Benney
Samuel Benney
Edwin Benney
Micheal Benney
Wm.H. Benney
Earnest Benney
Urban Benney
Herbet Benney
Agnes Benney
Samson Benney
Gerrold Benney
Abal Benney
Richd. Benney
Fredrick Benney
Ricd. Benney
Egbert Benney
Mitchel Benney
Edwd.J. Benney
Wm.Jas. Benney
Edmund Benney
Wm. Benney
Jas. Benney
Daniel Benney
J.J. Benney
Tom Benney
Henwood Benney
Adolphus Benney
Robert Benney
Ernest Benney
Nicholas Benney

Top female forenames

Mary Benney
Elizabeth Benney
Sarah Benney
Ellen Benney
Ann Benney
Hannah Benney
Eliza Benney
Emily Benney
Edith Benney
Alice Benney
Bessy Benney
Minnie Benney
Susan Benney
Emma Benney
Elizth. Benney
Catherine Benney
Beatrice Benney
Mabel Benney
Harriet Benney
Georgina Benney
Fanny Benney
Kate Benney
Maria Benney
Charlotte Benney
Florence Benney
Lilly Benney
Enda Benney
Pricillia Benney
Leonora Benney
Annie Benney
Laura Benney
Elizth.J. Benney
Anna Benney
Julia Benney
Mariam Benney
Trephina Benney
Amelia Benney
Jane Benney
Margaret Benney
Henrietta Benney
Cuish'a Benney
Selina Benney
Ada Benney
Charity Benney
Lucinda Benney
Rebecca Benney
Caroline Benney
Lottie Benney
Priscilla Benney
Bessie Benney

Top occupations

Tin Miner
Farmers Son
General Serv
Police Constable
Errand Boy
Farm Laborer
Lead Miner
Domestic Servant
"Ag Lab"
Carpenter & Joiner
Grocers Assistant
General Lab
General Labourer
Agr Lab
Woolcomber (Wc)
Farmer Of 75 Acres
Gardener (Dom)
Farmers Daughter
Formerly Farm Laborer
Farmer Of 35 Acres
Farmer Of 30 Acres
Farmer Of 200 Ac Employing 3 Men
Farmers Wife
Farmer Of 70 Acres
Compositor & Printer
Able Seaman
Assistant To Father
Boot & Shoe Maker
Boot & Shoe Merchant & Jeweller
Brush Drawer
Cabinet Maker
Coal Carrier
Coal Miner
Coast Guard (R N)
Commercial Traveler
Commission Agent
Ag Lab
Cook Domestic
Cook Domestic Serv
Domestic Housekeeper