Bengough in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Bengough
Thomas Bengough
George Bengough
Francis Bengough
William Bengough
Henry Bengough
Arthur Bengough
Charles Bengough
James Bengough
David Bengough
Edward Bengough
Leonard Bengough
Frederick Bengough
Ernest Bengough
Walter Bengough
Clement Bengough
Nathaniel Bengough
Alan Bengough
Horace Bengough
Cyril Bengough
Thos. Bengough
Richard Bengough
Alfred Bengough

Top female forenames

Mary Bengough
Ann Bengough
Alice Bengough
Sarah Bengough
Elizabeth Bengough
Eliza Bengough
Jane Bengough
Emily Bengough
Edith Bengough
Sophia Bengough
Florence Bengough
Amelia Bengough
Caroline Bengough
Marieane Bengough
Elisa Bengough
Mabel Bengough
Liza Bengough
Catharine Bengough
Kate Bengough
Beatrice Bengough
Sylvia Bengough
Isabella Bengough
Annia Bengough
Evelyn Bengough
Myfanwy Bengough
Ellen Bengough
Adelaide Bengough
Marion Bengough
Margaret Bengough
Eleanor Bengough
Lucy Bengough
Cecil Bengough
Lilian Bengough
Tamar Bengough
Annie Bengough
Susan Bengough
Frances Bengough
Anne Bengough
Selina Bengough
Fanny Bengough
Amy Bengough
Nellie Bengough

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Ag Lab
Farmers Daur
Farm Serv (Indoor)
Income From Dividends
Farmer Of 155 Acres Employing 2 Men & 1 Boy
Gunner Royal Artillery
Household Duties
Housemaid Domestic Serv
Journeyman Butcher (Out Of Employ)
Land Steward (House Agent)
Magistrate & Deputy Lieutenant Captain In Gloucestshire Rifle Volunteers
Member Bristol University
Member Of University Of Oxford
Nurse Domestic Serv
Student Stockwell Cole
Pupil (Sch)
Railway Inspector
Railway Station Master
Rector Of Hemingby M.A. Mus.Bac.London
Daur Of Decd Landowner
Advertising Clerk
Ag Laborer
Agr Labourer
Artificial Florist
Asst Overseer (Munic)
Bookseller & Stationer
Boot Laster (Boot)
Coal Miner Overman
Coal Miner Wife
General Serv (Domes)
Domestic Servant Out Of Place
Domestic Waitress
Engineers Wife
Fancy Work Goods
Farm Labourer
Farm Labourer Wife
Farmer 25 Acres
Farmers Son