Beever in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Beever
George Beever
James Beever
William Beever
Henry Beever
Thomas Beever
Joseph Beever
Charles Beever
Joe Beever
Fred Beever
Ben Beever
Harry Beever
Arthur Beever
Edward Beever
Albert Beever
Benjamin Beever
Allen Beever
Richard Beever
Mark Beever
Tom Beever
Sam Beever
Edwin Beever
Alfred Beever
Alban Beever
Thos. Beever
Rowland Beever
Hirst Beever
Noah Beever
Walker Beever
Christopher Beever
Geo. Beever
Robert Beever
Francis Beever
Willie Beever
Walter Beever
Chas.H. Beever
Adam Beever
Friend Beever
Samuel Beever
Jesse Beever
Abraham Beever
Fred. Beever
Bernulf Beever
Wright Beever
Frank Beever
Benj.M. Beever
Hugh Beever
Willm. Beever
Elizabeth Beever
Oliver Beever

Top female forenames

Mary Beever
Sarah Beever
Martha Beever
Emma Beever
Elizabeth Beever
Hannah Beever
Ann Beever
Jane Beever
Harriet Beever
Ellen Beever
Annie Beever
Betty Beever
Emily Beever
Clara Beever
Ada Beever
Charlotte Beever
Esther Beever
Eliza Beever
Alice Beever
Lydia Beever
Louisa Beever
Edith Beever
Frances Beever
Margaret Beever
Anna Beever
Dinah Beever
Maria Beever
Fanny Beever
Caroline Beever
Myra Beever
Agness Beever
Margret Beever
Zillia Beever
Florance Beever
Sophia Beever
Catharine Beever
Lucy Beever
Salomey Beever
Lily Beever
Ruth Beever
Beatrice Beever
Liley Beever
Rhoda Beever
Kate Beever
Minnie Beever
Jennie Beever
Eleanor Beever
Isabella Beever
Agnes Beever
Christiana Beever

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Cotton Weaver
Stone Mason
Steel Works Lab
Worsted Weaver
General Servant
Woollen Mill Hand
Woollen Cloth Weaver
Stone Dresser
Woollen Weaver
Mill Hand (Woolin)
Cotton Winder
Steelworks Lab
Gen Lab Son
Stone Getter
Wire Drawer
Tinplate Worker
Proprietess Of Shares
Labourer Steel Works
Gen Lab
Laborer General
Farmers Wife
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Pupil Teacher
Twiner Piecer (Cotton)
Assists At Watch Trade
Millhand (Woollen)
Farmers Widow Son
Farm Serv (Indoor)
Farmer 40 Acres And Game Keeper
Farmer Of 20 Acres
Farmer Of 33 Acres
Cotton Thread Side Minder
Designers Wife
Designer Of Wollen & Worsted
Cotton Spinner
Cotton Reeler
Cotton Piecer
Cloth Birler
Civil Engineer
Carpenter & Joiner