Bary in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

George Bary
John Bary
Patrick Bary
Arthur Bary
William Bary
James Bary
Auther Bary
Alexander Bary
Thomas Bary
J.W. Bary
H. Bary
David Bary
Robert Bary
Michael Bary
Henry Bary

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Bary
Margaret Bary
E.M. Bary
Charlotte Bary
Anastidia Bary
Naomi Bary
Mary Bary
Louisa Bary
Jane Bary
Ellen Bary
Elisebeth Bary
Diana Bary
Belinda Bary
Sarah Bary
Millicent Bary
Lizzy Bary
Emma Bary

Top occupations

Wife Of Coachman
Shop Boy (Errand)
Railway Signalman
Quarry Man
Porter Furniture
Poper (Pauper)
Paper Maker
Needle Worker
Marine Store Dealer
House Keeper (Boarding)
Hairdresser Assist
General Servant
General Domestic
Domestic Servt
Dealer In China & Glass
Cotton Weaver
Coachman Dom Serv
Chimney Sweep