Bartrop in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Bartrop
William Bartrop
George Bartrop
Henry Bartrop
Thomas Bartrop
James Bartrop
Charles Bartrop
Herbert Bartrop
Arthur Bartrop
Harry Bartrop
Albert Bartrop
Walter Bartrop
Moses Bartrop
Ernest Bartrop
Joseph Bartrop
Fredrick Bartrop
Frederick Bartrop
Sam Bartrop
Francis Bartrop
Edwin Bartrop
Jonathan Bartrop
Daniel Bartrop
Benjamin Bartrop
Alfred Bartrop
Gordon Bartrop
Alexandra Bartrop
G.W. Bartrop
Tom Bartrop
Fredk. Bartrop
Samuel Bartrop
Fred. Bartrop
Robert Bartrop
Edward Bartrop
Alfd. Bartrop
Wm. Bartrop

Top female forenames

Mary Bartrop
Elizabeth Bartrop
Sarah Bartrop
Ellen Bartrop
Martha Bartrop
Harriet Bartrop
Annie Bartrop
Ann Bartrop
Alice Bartrop
Eliza Bartrop
Clara Bartrop
Edith Bartrop
Dinah Bartrop
Phobe Bartrop
Frances Bartrop
Lucy Bartrop
Hannah Bartrop
Maria Bartrop
Emma Bartrop
Abigail Bartrop
Louisa Bartrop
Kezia Bartrop
Susannah Bartrop
Jessie Bartrop
Selina Bartrop
Jane Bartrop
Rose Bartrop
Charlotte Bartrop
Helerna Bartrop
Betsey Bartrop
Margaret Bartrop
Fanney Bartrop
Laura Bartrop
Kate Bartrop
Sibyl Bartrop
Dora Bartrop
Jemima Bartrop
Isabella Bartrop
Phoebe Bartrop
Caroline Bartrop
Harriett Bartrop
Bertha Bartrop
Anne Bartrop
Fannie Bartrop
Amelia Bartrop
M.A.E. Bartrop

Top occupations

No Occupation
Ag Lab
Corn Mert Assistant
Railway Engineers Clerk
Railway Porter
Agl Lbr
Fund Holder
Gamekeeper To Miss Beckett
Gamekeepers Wife
Farm Laborer
Gardener Dom Ser
General Servant
Genl Builders Labr
Housekeeper (Off Kpr)
Literary Clerk
Labourer Lead Melting Works
Labourer In Wood Yard
Labourer At Steel Works
Labourer (DM)
Kitchen Maid (Out Of Place) (Dom)
Journeyman Shoe Maker
Income From Houses
Income Derived From Land In Yorkshire
Domestic Servant
Domestic Ser
Traveller Wife (Shirt & Collar)
Brewers Labourer
Brewers Laborer
Blacksmiths Laborer
Bankers Clerk
Assistant Nurse (S M S)
Canal Boatman
Cheesemonger Asst
Cornish Ho+... ... Pole Work (Shop Fitting)
Corn Merchant (1 Man)
Cook Domestic
Cook Dom
Cook (Dom)(DS)
Coal Miner
Coachmans Wife
Coachman (Dom)