Bartholmew in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

George Bartholmew
Edward Bartholmew
Henry Bartholmew
Frederick Bartholmew
William Bartholmew
Bradley Bartholmew
Rex Bartholmew
Arthur Bartholmew
Joseph Bartholmew
Albert Bartholmew
John Bartholmew
Gilbert Bartholmew
Geo. Bartholmew
Edwin Bartholmew
Tom Bartholmew
Clarence Bartholmew
Robert Bartholmew
Bertram Bartholmew
Leon Bartholmew
Allan Bartholmew
Jonathan Bartholmew
James Bartholmew
Graham Bartholmew
Thos. Bartholmew

Top female forenames

Sarah Bartholmew
Eliza Bartholmew
Beatrice Bartholmew
Isabella Bartholmew
Caroline Bartholmew
Bessie Bartholmew
Jesse Bartholmew
Anna Bartholmew
Ivy Bartholmew
Agnes Bartholmew
Hortense Bartholmew
Florence Bartholmew
Esther Bartholmew
Mary Bartholmew
Elizabeth Bartholmew
Margret Bartholmew
Charlotte Bartholmew
Laura Bartholmew
Blanche Bartholmew
Julia Bartholmew
Jane Bartholmew
Amy Bartholmew
Frances Bartholmew
Ethel Bartholmew
Matilda Bartholmew
Ellen Bartholmew
Martha Bartholmew
Louisa Bartholmew
Kate Bartholmew

Top occupations

Domestic Servant
Gas Fitter
Head Stableman
Sailors Wife
Railway Porter
Railway Guard
Pharmacutical Chemist
Pensioner Of Police
Licensed Victualler
Letter Carrier
Housekeeper (Dom)
House Carpenter
General Servant (Domestic)
Gen Lab
Engine Wright Colliery (E & M)
Dress Maker
Cook Dom
Coal Miner
Carpenters Lbr