Barrott in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Barrott
William Barrott
George Barrott
Joseph Barrott
James Barrott
Thomas Barrott
Charles Barrott
Alfred Barrott
Walter Barrott
Henry Barrott
Samuel Barrott
Harry Barrott
Willie Barrott
Richard Barrott
Benjamin Barrott
Arthur Barrott
Eli Barrott
Tom Barrott
Dennis Barrott
Robert Barrott
Wilson Barrott
Fredrick Barrott
Frank Barrott
E. Barrott
Daniel Barrott
Saml. Barrott
Cooper Barrott
Willis Barrott
Frederic Barrott
Cyril Barrott
Ben Barrott

Top female forenames

Mary Barrott
Sarah Barrott
Ellen Barrott
Elizabeth Barrott
Ann Barrott
Martha Barrott
Hannah Barrott
Fanny Barrott
Emma Barrott
Annie Barrott
Ada Barrott
Matilda Barrott
Margaret Barrott
Eliza Barrott
Alice Barrott
Jane Barrott
Sophia Barrott
Esther Barrott
Caroline Barrott
Louisa Barrott
Susannah Barrott
Harriott Barrott
Frances Barrott
Racheal Barrott
Elizh.E. Barrott
Lydia Barrott
Letitia Barrott
Tamer Barrott
Sara Barrott
Florance Barrott
Polly Barrott
Maria Barrott
Mable Barrott
Thursa Barrott
Judy Barrott

Top occupations

File Cutter
Cotton Weaver
Ag Lab
Cotton Piecer
Cotton Carder
Coal Miner
Cotton Operative
Weaver Cotton
Piecer Cotton Mill
House Keeper
Labourer General
File Manager
Laborer At Lime Burner
Frame Tenter Cotton
General Laborer
General Labourer
General Serv
Genl Serv
Jewellers Assistant
Governess (Prof)
Grocers Assistant
Grocers Assistants Wife
Farmer Of 53 Acres Employing 2 Labourer
Engine Driver
Domestic Servant
Brick Burner
Brewery Man
Boot & Shoe Maker
Boatmans Wife
Boatmans Daur
Annuitant Bounty Widow
Agricultural Laborer
Carrier (Horse & Cart)
Dairy Maid (Indoor)
Cotton Piecer (CM)
Cotton Piecer (C M)
Cotton Factory Operative
Copper Tube Maker
Cooton Weaver