Ballantyne in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Ballantyne
Robert Ballantyne
William Ballantyne
James Ballantyne
Walter Ballantyne
Thomas Ballantyne
George Ballantyne
Andrew Ballantyne
David Ballantyne
Joseph Ballantyne
Thos. Ballantyne
Hugh Ballantyne
Alexander Ballantyne
Wm. Ballantyne
Richard Ballantyne
Arthur Ballantyne
Henry Ballantyne
Allan Ballantyne
Harry Ballantyne
Alexdr.T. Ballantyne
Gideon Ballantyne
Alex Ballantyne
Percy Ballantyne
Frederick Ballantyne
A.J. Ballantyne
Ninian Ballantyne
Francis Ballantyne
Edgar Ballantyne
Jno.W. Ballantyne
Donald Ballantyne
J.L. Ballantyne
Samuel Ballantyne
Richd. Ballantyne
Peter Ballantyne
Adam Ballantyne
Norman Ballantyne
Frederic Ballantyne
Michael Ballantyne
Edward Ballantyne
Eddy Ballantyne
Thorne Ballantyne
Stephen Ballantyne
Ismael Ballantyne
Archibald Ballantyne
Ronald Ballantyne
Herbert Ballantyne
Allen Ballantyne
Rob't. Ballantyne
Hayes Ballantyne

Top female forenames

Mary Ballantyne
Elizabeth Ballantyne
Jane Ballantyne
Margaret Ballantyne
Ellen Ballantyne
Sarah Ballantyne
Christina Ballantyne
Annie Ballantyne
Ann Ballantyne
Lucy Ballantyne
Emma Ballantyne
Isabella Ballantyne
Louisa Ballantyne
Alice Ballantyne
Catherine Ballantyne
Amelia Ballantyne
Eliza Ballantyne
Susan Ballantyne
Rachel Ballantyne
Jannet Ballantyne
Maria Ballantyne
Agnes Ballantyne
Eleanor Ballantyne
Frances Ballantyne
Alexandrina Ballantyne
Henrietta Ballantyne
Elinor Ballantyne
M. Ballantyne
Adelaide Ballantyne
Hannah Ballantyne
Edith Ballantyne
Gwendoline Ballantyne
E. Ballantyne
Lilian Ballantyne
Florence Ballantyne
Robina Ballantyne
Katherine Ballantyne
Esther Ballantyne
Blanche Ballantyne
Emily Ballantyne
Minnie Ballantyne
Isbella Ballantyne
Margery Ballantyne
Hetty Ballantyne
Eliz. Ballantyne
Maggie Ballantyne
Harriet Ballantyne
H. Ballantyne
Sessie Ballantyne
E.E. Ballantyne

Top occupations

Woollen Weaver
Agricultural Labourer
Commercial Traveller
Brass Finisher
English Teacher
Farm Labourer
Drapers Wife
Cook Domes Serv
Cook Domestic Servant
Designer Of Fancy Woollens (Text)
Dock Stevedore ((On Boats & Ships))
Errand Girl Hosiery Trade
Drapers Assistant
Domestic Servant
Draper & C
Draper & Clothier
Engine Fitter
Clerk Unemployed
Draper's Assistant
Actress Theatrical
Ag Lab (Ag Lab)
Ag Labs
Ag Labs Wife
Agent Iron Trade
Apprentice Engineer (Artz)
Artist Painter
Bankers Clerk
Commercial Traveller (Provision)
Bugler Royal Sussex Militia
Bugler Wife
Civil Service Clerk G P O
Clerk In Hosiery Trade
Clerk In Medicine Warehouse
Clerk Iron Trade
Writer 3rd Cl
Color Sergt R M L I