Bailes in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Bailes
William Bailes
George Bailes
Thomas Bailes
Robert Bailes
Henry Bailes
James Bailes
Joseph Bailes
Richard Bailes
Charles Bailes
Edward Bailes
Arthur Bailes
Alfred Bailes
Samuel Bailes
Frederick Bailes
Walter Bailes
Ernest Bailes
Herbert Bailes
Chas. Bailes
Francis Bailes
Abraham Bailes
Christopher Bailes
Benjamin Bailes
Thos. Bailes
Harry Bailes
Michael Bailes
Geo. Bailes
Fredrick Bailes
Wm. Bailes
Jessie Bailes
Isaac Bailes
Eugeneus Bailes
Hermann Bailes
Elias Bailes
David Bailes
Ralph Bailes
Harol Bailes
Norman Bailes
Geo.Wm. Bailes
Mark Bailes
Geo Bailes
Wm.Henry Bailes
K.John Bailes
Fredric Bailes
Anthony Bailes
Frank Bailes
Albert Bailes
Eugenious Bailes
Stanley Bailes
Hugh Bailes

Top female forenames

Mary Bailes
Elizabeth Bailes
Sarah Bailes
Margaret Bailes
Alice Bailes
Ann Bailes
Jane Bailes
Annie Bailes
Eliza Bailes
Edith Bailes
Ellen Bailes
Isabella Bailes
Florence Bailes
Kate Bailes
Hannah Bailes
Susan Bailes
Ada Bailes
Emily Bailes
Eleanor Bailes
Frances Bailes
Anne Bailes
Charlotte Bailes
Louisa Bailes
Emma Bailes
Martha Bailes
Maria Bailes
Georgina Bailes
Lucy Bailes
Harriet Bailes
Lilian Bailes
Esther Bailes
Caroline Bailes
Helen Bailes
Margeta Bailes
Rosina Bailes
Eleoner Bailes
Maggie Bailes
Rose Bailes
Elanor Bailes
Rebecca Bailes
Dorah Bailes
Lizzy Bailes
Fanny Bailes
Phoeba Bailes
Libby Bailes
Emme Bailes
Meggie Bailes
Catherine Bailes
Beatrice Bailes
Elizth. Bailes

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Domestic Servant
Ag Lab
General Labourer
Farmers Son
Farm Labourer
Farmers Daur
Ag Laborer
General Servant
Gardener (7-3)
Mining Engineer
Cabinet Maker
Labourer In Iron Works
Gardener N D
Manufacturing Chemist
Chorister (Choir)
General Laborer
No Occupation
Cloth Weaver
Agricl Laborer
Wife Of Boot & Shoe Manuf
Check Weighman (Ironstone)
Coach Painter
Collector Of Water Rents
Builder (Emps 7 Men 3 Boys)
Captains Wife
Butcher (Jobbing)
Builders Apprentice
Brass Finisher Appec
Boot & Shoe Manuf Employing 5 Men & 1 Boy
Beer Housekeeper
Bakers Asst
Assists At Home (Dom)
Apprentice Blacksmith
Agent In Ginger Beer
Able Seaman