Babey in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

George Babey
William Babey
John Babey
Thomas Babey
Charles Babey
Albert Babey
James Babey
Harry Babey
Frank Babey
Samuel Babey
Patrick Babey
Arthur Babey
Fredick. Babey
Walter Babey
Elliott Babey
Dan Babey
Richard Babey
Bernard Babey
Joseph Babey
Alfred Babey
Jesse Babey
Henry Babey
Fred Babey
Ely Babey
Edward Babey
Robert Babey

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Babey
Mary Babey
Sarah Babey
Fanny Babey
Emily Babey
Alice Babey
Edith Babey
Charlotte Babey
Louisa Babey
Caroline Babey
Lavinia Babey
Ann Babey
Harriett Babey
Ada Babey
Felicia Babey
Emma Babey
Ursula Babey
Emelie Babey
Eleanor Babey
Rosa Babey
E.A. Babey
Margaret Babey
Cathrean Babey
Lillias Babey
Bridget Babey
Hursly Babey
Harriet Babey
Susannah Babey
Rose Babey

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Shirt Maker
Domestic Servant
Tin Plate Worker
General Laborer
General Labourer Ag Lab
Railway Clerk
Police Inspector Supernu Now Inspector For Met Iod Of London (Not C S)
Laundry Maid (Dom Ser)
Ladys Maid
Iron Worker
House Keeper
Genl Labourer
G Dealer
Formerly Railway Porter
Farmer Of 8 Acres
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Domestic Serv
13 Scholar
(Supported By Her Sons)