Archdale in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Archdale
George Archdale
Thomas Archdale
William Archdale
Joseph Archdale
James Archdale
Charles Archdale
Frederick Archdale
Cephus Archdale
Ruben Archdale
Benjamin Archdale
Mervyn Archdale
Alfred Archdale
Herbert Archdale
Walton Archdale
H. Archdale
Squire Archdale
Saml. Archdale
Cephas Archdale
Robert Archdale
Audley Archdale
Louis Archdale
Isaac Archdale
Wilfred Archdale
Harry Archdale
Walter Archdale
Thedore Archdale
Frank Archdale
Samuel Archdale

Top female forenames

Mary Archdale
Sarah Archdale
Martha Archdale
Hannah Archdale
Harriet Archdale
Alice Archdale
Ellen Archdale
Eliza Archdale
Faith Archdale
Emma Archdale
Emilia Archdale
Elizabeth Archdale
Clara Archdale
Helen Archdale
Ammabel Archdale
Winifred Archdale
Esther Archdale
Emily Archdale
Ada Archdale
Margeret Archdale
Jane Archdale
Charlotte Archdale
Catharine Archdale
Gertrude Archdale
Annie Archdale
Florence Archdale
Amy Archdale
Amelia Archdale
Sybilla Archdale
Adelaide Archdale
Minnie Archdale
Louisa Archdale
Celia Archdale
Beatrice Archdale
Frances Archdale
Ann Archdale
Fanny Archdale

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Butchers Knife Hafter
Silver Burnisher
Forgeman (Iron)
General Serv (Domestic)
J P Captain 1/2 Pay Royal (Artillary)
Late Capn HM 85th Regt
Lieutenant 23rd R W Fus
M P Landed Proprietor (Legis)
Magistrate Banker Etc
Mill Girl (Fac Hd)
Office Clerk
Puddler (Iron)
Servant Domestic
Shoemakers Labourer
Spring Knife Cutler
Tar Distiller (M C H)
Tar Distillers Clerk
Wife Gentleman
Domestic Servant (At Home)
Bankers Clerk
Butchers Knife Cutler
Chemical Manager
Clergyman Of The Church Of England
Coal Miner Wife
Currier Apprentice
Cutler (Butcher Knife)
Domestic Servant
Genl Servt (Dom)
Engineers Tool Maker
Fitters Apprentice (Engine)
Forgeman Wife
Formerly Coal Miner
Formerly Mechanic
Ag Lab