Apthorp in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Apthorp
Ernest Apthorp
William Apthorp
George Apthorp
Charles Apthorp
Edmond Apthorp
Arthur Apthorp
Marmaduke Apthorp
Joseph Apthorp
James Apthorp
Frank Apthorp
Edward Apthorp
Shirley Apthorp
Kendel Apthorp
Hugh Apthorp
Frederick Apthorp

Top female forenames

Mary Apthorp
Sophia Apthorp
Julia Apthorp
Edith Apthorp
Caroline Apthorp
Ada Apthorp
Rebecca Apthorp
Louisa Apthorp
Jessie Apthorp
Ethel Apthorp
Charlotte Apthorp
Annie Apthorp
Sarah Apthorp
Maud Apthorp
Margaret Apthorp
Isabella Apthorp

Top occupations

Bankers Clerk
Shoe Maker
Potman & Waiter
Office Boy
Monitor Teacher School
Lieutenant (Marines)
Leiutnant Militia
Incumbant Of Shrigley
Coach Train Man ?
Clergyman (Without Cure Of Souls)
Cheesemongers Partner
Chair Dealer (Furniture)