Aldren in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Aldren
Thomas Aldren
William Aldren
Robert Aldren
Moses Aldren
James Aldren
Joseph Aldren
Frederic Aldren
Roger Aldren
Richard Aldren
Joshua Aldren
Henry Aldren

Top female forenames

Mary Aldren
Margaret Aldren
Elizabeth Aldren
Sarah Aldren
Dinah Aldren
Ann Aldren
Lucy Aldren
Jane Aldren
Annie Aldren
Amelia Aldren
Lilley Aldren
Agnes Aldren
Isabella Aldren
Hannah Aldren
Esther Aldren
Ellen Aldren
Phoebe Aldren
Bessie Aldren
Alice Aldren
Isabell Aldren
Frances Aldren
Emily Aldren
Catherine Aldren
Phebe Aldren

Top occupations

Farm Servant (Indoor)
Farmers Dau
General Serv Domestic
Income From Houses And Land
Iron Ore Miner
Livery Stable Keeper Employing 11 Men
Malster And Farmer (16 Acres)
No Occupation
Railway Lab
Railway Wagon Examiner
Railway Wagon Examiner Wife
Cab Driver
General Labourer
General Laborer & Common Lodging Housekeeper
Formerly Ry Lab
Farmers Wife
Farmers Son
Farm Serv Domestic
Farm Laborer
Erand Boy
Domestic Servant
Carters Wife