Aldington in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Aldington
George Aldington
Thomas Aldington
John Aldington
Charles Aldington
Henry Aldington
Frederick Aldington
Robert Aldington
Harry Aldington
Benjamin Aldington
James Aldington
Allen Aldington
Arthur Aldington
Isaac Aldington
Herbert Aldington
Albert Aldington
Wm. Aldington
Fredk. Aldington
Francis Aldington
Edward Aldington
Joseph Aldington
David Aldington
Jas.T. Aldington
Anthony Aldington
Horatio Aldington
Alfred Aldington
Wilson Aldington
Thos. Aldington
Ernest Aldington
Edw. Aldington
Janet Aldington

Top female forenames

Mary Aldington
Eliza Aldington
Sarah Aldington
Ann Aldington
Harriet Aldington
Elizabeth Aldington
Jane Aldington
Hannah Aldington
Ellen Aldington
Clara Aldington
Emily Aldington
Martha Aldington
Alice Aldington
Emma Aldington
Caroline Aldington
Florence Aldington
Barbara Aldington
Rebecca Aldington
Harriett Aldington
Anne Aldington
Norah Aldington
Minnie. Aldington
Mildred Aldington
Maria Aldington
Winifred Aldington
Katey Aldington
Catherine Aldington
Sophia Aldington
Julia Aldington
Rosamond Aldington
Henrietta Aldington
Annie Aldington
Olive Aldington
Miriam Aldington
Minnie Aldington
Maud Aldington
Edith Aldington
Lucy Aldington
Charlotte Aldington
Susannah Aldington
Kate Aldington
Carroline Aldington

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Domestic Servant
(Ag) Labrour & Plough Boy
Farmers Son
Bricklayers Labr
Agr Laborer
Farmer Of 32 Acres
Farmer Of 66 Acres Employing 3 Labourers 1 Boy 1 Woman
Farmers Wife
Formerly Blacksmith
Wife Of Confectioner
Gardners Wife
General Servant
General Servt
Glove Maker
Glue Boiler
Grocers Assistant
Ag Labourer
Housemaid Domestic Serv
Hurdle Maker
Invalade From Birth
Cashier & Ledger Clerk
Apprentice Printer Print 8
Assistant In Business
Bath Chair Proprietor
Agricultural Carter
Boot Maker
Bricklayers Lab
Carpenter Wife
Dress Maker
Chair-Maker (Labr)
Collecter Tobacco Trade
Confectioner &c
Cook Domestic
Cotton Weaver
Curate Of Winterbourne
Dom Serv Unemployed
Domestic Ser