Albrighton in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Albrighton
William Albrighton
Thomas Albrighton
Charles Albrighton
Joseph Albrighton
James Albrighton
Arthur Albrighton
Alfred Albrighton
Richard Albrighton
Samuel Albrighton
Henery Albrighton
George Albrighton
Edward Albrighton
Stephen Albrighton
Harry Albrighton
Florence Albrighton
Eli Albrighton
Dick Albrighton
Thazam Albrighton
Josiah Albrighton
Ernest Albrighton

Top female forenames

Sarah Albrighton
Elizabeth Albrighton
Eliza Albrighton
Mary Albrighton
Jane Albrighton
Ann Albrighton
Miriam Albrighton
Agnes Albrighton
Susan Albrighton
Fanny Albrighton
Emma Albrighton
Maria Albrighton
Bennet Albrighton
Harriet Albrighton
Anna Albrighton
Gertrude Albrighton
Susannah Albrighton
Florence Albrighton
Ethel Albrighton
Priscilla Albrighton
Minnie Albrighton
Effie Albrighton
Martha Albrighton
Clara Albrighton
Keren Albrighton
Bertha Albrighton
Annie Albrighton
Hannah Albrighton
Frances Albrighton
Rebecca Albrighton
Decima Albrighton
Cartharine Albrighton
Julia Albrighton

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Hat Maker
Grocer Postmaster
Hat Trimmer (D...)
Hat Trimmer (Milliner)
Hat Trimmer (Millnr)
Housekeeper (Dom)
Housekeeper Dom
Ministers Wife
Occupier Of 7 Acres Land (Farmer)
Tailor (Unemployed)
Tea Dealer
Travellers Wife
Apprentice Fitter
Builders Foreman
Carpenter & Joiner
Coal Dealer
Coal Hauler And Local Preacher (21/1)
Coal Miner ((Scholar))
Commission Agent
Groom (8)
Cook Domestic Serv
Dom Servt
Domestic Serv
Domestic Serv General
Gen Serv
General Serv
General Serv Domestic
Ag Lab