Albion in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Thomas Albion
Charles Albion
John Albion
George Albion
William Albion
Robert Albion
Joseph Albion
James Albion
David Albion
Arthur Albion
Harry Albion
Edmund Albion
Walter Albion
Luther Albion
Henery Albion
Thos. Albion

Top female forenames

Mary Albion
Elizabeth Albion
Alice Albion
Annie Albion
Martha Albion
Florence Albion
Agnes Albion
Sarah Albion
Catherine Albion
Nancy Albion
Laura Albion
Isabella Albion
Harriet Albion
Emily Albion
Sophia Albion
Eliza Albion
Phoebe Albion
Bertha Albion
Amy Albion
Maria Albion
Jane Albion
Henrietta Albion
Hannah Albion
Fanny Albion

Top occupations

Boiler Maker
Pl Cotton Weaver
Horse Hair Weaver
Inspector Of Police
Iron Dresser
Labourer (General)
Rope & Twine Maker
Rope Maker
General Dealer
Gen Serv
Carter Wife
Coal Miner
Cotton Creeler
Cotton Rover
Cotton Spinner
Cotton Weaver
Galvanizer Of Iron
Servant (General)