Abbiss in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Abbiss
John Abbiss
George Abbiss
Joseph Abbiss
James Abbiss
Samuel Abbiss
Charles Abbiss
Arthur Abbiss
David Abbiss
Thomas Abbiss
Alfred Abbiss
Henry Abbiss
Harry Abbiss
Jessie Abbiss
Frank Abbiss
Albert Abbiss
Frederick Abbiss
Amos Abbiss
Jos. Abbiss
Ralph Abbiss
Jesse Abbiss
Walter Abbiss
Wm.E. Abbiss
Horace Abbiss
Herbert Abbiss
Henery Abbiss
Fredk.J. Abbiss
Fredk.C. Abbiss
Fredk. Abbiss
Fred Abbiss
Ernest Abbiss
Eli Abbiss
Edwin Abbiss
Edward Abbiss
Edgar Abbiss
Christopher Abbiss
Bertie Abbiss

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Abbiss
Sarah Abbiss
Mary Abbiss
Emma Abbiss
Emily Abbiss
Ann Abbiss
Eliza Abbiss
Susan Abbiss
Jane Abbiss
Ellen Abbiss
Alice Abbiss
Caroline Abbiss
Annie Abbiss
Fanny Abbiss
Margaret Abbiss
Rose Abbiss
Ruth Abbiss
Martha Abbiss
Marian Abbiss
Harriett Abbiss
Louise Abbiss
Lizzie Abbiss
Lillian Abbiss
Lavinia Abbiss
Kezria Abbiss
Janes Abbiss
Isabel Abbiss
Abigail Abbiss
Florence Abbiss
Eveline Abbiss
Edith Abbiss
Agnes Abbiss
Adelaide Abbiss
Ada Abbiss

Top occupations

Straw Plaiter
Ag Lab
Ag Labourer
Straw Plaitter
General Servant
Ag Lab (Ploughman)
Carriage Painter
Works At Powder Mills
Ag Lab Wife
General Labourer
Pattern Maker
Parlor Maid Serv
Parlour Maid (Dom Servant)
Mercantile Clerk And General Agent
Post Office Clerk (CS)
Parcel Cart Lad To S E Ry
Railway Labourer
Manufacturer In Straw Hats
Late Carter
Worsted Woolsorter (App)
Railway Fireman
Railway Foreman Porter
Railway Lab
Wife Of Manufr
Railway Porter
Railway Servant
Road Laborer
School Mistress
Servant Domestic
Shareholder Enfield Gas Co Magistrate J.P.
Shoeing Smith Blk
Stationer & Post Mistress
Tailor (Appren)
Washer Woman
Wheelwright & Blacksmith
Coachman (D)
Clothing Cutter (Tailor)