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There are approximately 527 people named Tipper in the UK. That makes it the 10,204th most common surname overall. Out of every million people in the UK, approximately 8 are named Tipper.

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The Tipper surname in historical dictionaries

Patronymica Britannica (1860)

TIPPER. To ' tip ' is an old word applied to the mounting of drinking-horns, cups, &c., with metals. Bailey. A tijper ■\vas therefore an artizan so employed. Its forms in the Hundred Ilolls are Tippere and Le Tipper. The peculiar, but excellent, ale, called tipper, derives its name from its first brewer, Mr. Thomas Tipper, of Newhaven, CO. Sussex, who flourished less than a century since. The peculiarity of this beverage arises from its being brewed from brackish water, which is obtainable from one well only ; and all attempts to imitate the flavour have hitherto failed.

Lower, Mark A (1860) Patronymica Britannica: a dictionary of the family names of the United Kingdom. London: J.R. Smith. Public Domain.

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