Wrennall in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Henry Wrennall
Robert Wrennall
James Wrennall
William Wrennall
Thomas Wrennall
Oliver Wrennall
John Wrennall
George Wrennall
Richard Wrennall
Ralph Wrennall
Jonathan Wrennall
Walter Wrennall
Ernest Wrennall
Seth Wrennall
Arthur Wrennall
Peter Wrennall
Jonathon Wrennall
John.W. Wrennall
Frederick Wrennall
Cuthbert Wrennall
Hunter Wrennall
Willm. Wrennall

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Wrennall
Alice Wrennall
Mary Wrennall
Agness Wrennall
Ellen Wrennall
Emma Wrennall
Margaret Wrennall
Hannah Wrennall
Ester Wrennall
Nanny Wrennall
Martha Wrennall
Adela Wrennall
Lila Wrennall
Jessie Wrennall
Hilda Wrennall
Esther Wrennall
Elizebth. Wrennall
William Wrennall
Eliza Wrennall
Jinnett Wrennall
Jane Wrennall

Top occupations

Farmers Son
Cotton Weaver
Farm Labourer
Ag Lab
Farmers Wife
Farmers Daughter
Farmers Daur
Son (Farmers)
Land Agent Surveyor
RC Priest Rector Of College (School ... )
Joiner & C
Roman Catholic Priest
General Labourer
Gardener Dom
Game Keeper Wife
Washer Woman
Game Keeper
Farmer Of 66 Acres
Farmer Of 62 Acres
Farmer Of 37 Acres
Farmer Of 20 Acres
Farmer 67 Acres
Farmer 40 Acres
Farmer 2 Acres
Domestic Servant
Domestic Gardener
Catholic Priest (School Mast)
Assistant Stationery