Wodehouse in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Wodehouse
John Wodehouse
Alfred Wodehouse
George Wodehouse
Philip Wodehouse
Armine Wodehouse
Albert Wodehouse
Thomas Wodehouse
Arthur Wodehouse
Edmond Wodehouse
Charles Wodehouse
Hugh Wodehouse
Algernon Wodehouse
Herbert Wodehouse
Fredrick Wodehouse
Ernest Wodehouse
Walker Wodehouse
Edward Wodehouse
Constantine Wodehouse
Sarah Wodehouse
Chappel Wodehouse
Joseph Wodehouse
James Wodehouse
Armina Wodehouse
Horace Wodehouse
Willm. Wodehouse
Fredc.W. Wodehouse
Walter Wodehouse
Edwin Wodehouse
Tom.P. Wodehouse
Stephen Wodehouse
Capel Wodehouse

Top female forenames

Mary Wodehouse
Alice Wodehouse
Elizabeth Wodehouse
Constance Wodehouse
Hannah Wodehouse
Ellen Wodehouse
Louisa Wodehouse
Helen Wodehouse
Maria Wodehouse
Lydia Wodehouse
Emma Wodehouse
Dulcibella Wodehouse
Jane Wodehouse
Susan Wodehouse
Isabel Wodehouse
Anne Wodehouse
Maude Wodehouse
Marion Wodehouse
Gertrude Wodehouse
Ada Wodehouse
Florence Wodehouse
Louise Wodehouse
Laurie Wodehouse
Eleanor Wodehouse
Lady Wodehouse
Sarah Wodehouse
Helena Wodehouse
Anabel Wodehouse
Albert Wodehouse
Marian Wodehouse
Georgina Wodehouse
Margaret Wodehouse
Fanny Wodehouse
Lucy Wodehouse
Eliza Wodehouse
Laura Wodehouse
Edith Wodehouse
Jemima Wodehouse
Diana Wodehouse

Top occupations

Dress Maker
No Occupation
Greengrocers Boy
Gen Serv
Groom (8)
H M Chaplin At Hampton Crt Palace
Income From Investments
Income From Land
Leiut Army Retired
Lieut Gen
Local Govt Board Inspector
Locomotive Engine Driver
M P Barrister Not In Practice
Magistrate Depty Lieutnt Land Owner
Major RA
Majors Wife
Nurse Maid
Organist & Teacher Of Music
Peer Earl Of Kimberley Secty State For The Colonies
Wife Of MP
Plasterer Employing 2 Men 3 Boys
Rector Of Bratton Fleming M A Cambridge
Rector Of Distington
Rector Of Easton
Cook Domc Servant
Ag Labrs Widow
B.A. Oxford University
Capt Rl Arty Active List
Captain 27th Foot
Carpenter Employing Two Men
Clergyman Without Cure Of Souls
Clicker (Boot & Shoe)
Commission Agent
Comr Royal Navy Active List
Genl Servt Domestic
Cook Domestic Servt
Curate Of The Savoy
Daughter Of Rector
District Registrar Ct Of Probate
Dividend Holder
Eldest Son Of Earl Kimberley (24/-)
Farm Labourer
Farmer (Brother)
Farmer 275 Acres Employing 8 Men