Twidale in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Twidale
William Twidale
George Twidale
Thomas Twidale
Joseph Twidale
Charles Twidale
Arthur Twidale
James Twidale
Henry Twidale
Edwin Twidale
Edmund Twidale
Foster Twidale
Edward Twidale
Sleightholm Twidale
Luke Twidale
Wm. Twidale
Thos. Twidale
Fredrick Twidale
Stanley Twidale
Samuel Twidale
Percey Twidale
Charley Twidale
Joshua Twidale
Ashby Twidale
Herbert Twidale
H.J. Twidale
Geoffrey Twidale
Fred Twidale
Richard Twidale

Top female forenames

Mary Twidale
Elizabeth Twidale
Sarah Twidale
Hannah Twidale
Jane Twidale
Emily Twidale
Emma Twidale
Annie Twidale
Ann Twidale
Fanny Twidale
Ellen Twidale
Eliza Twidale
Catherine Twidale
Alice Twidale
Kate Twidale
Edith Twidale
Susan Twidale
Anne Twidale
Minnie Twidale
Grace Twidale
Amelia Twidale
Maud Twidale
Agnes Twidale
Marson Twidale
Louisa Twidale
Susannah Twidale
Lizzie Twidale
Susanah Twidale
Jessie Twidale
Dinah Twidale
Sophia Twidale
Isabella Twidale
Harriett Twidale
Rose Twidale
Millicent Twidale
Frances Twidale
Ethel Twidale
Margaret Twidale
Louesia Twidale
Susanna Twidale
Charlotte Twidale
Selina Twidale
Infant Twidale
Betsy Twidale
Ruth Twidale
Harriet Twidale

Top occupations

Farmers Wife
Farmers Son
Farmers Son Scholar
Farmers Daughter
Domestic Servt
Farmer Out Of Business
Cotton Weaver
Cabinet Maker
Farmer Of 320 Acres Employing 5 Men & 1 Boy
Farmer 344 Ac 6 Men 3 Boys
Farmer 366 Acres 6 Labrs 1 Boy
Beer House Keeper
Farmer Labourer Son A...
Farmer Of 180 Of Land 1 Laborer
Farmer Of 200 Acres Employing 4 Men
Farmer Of 226 Acres Employing 2 Labourers
Farmer Of 260 Acres 4 Men & 1 Boy
Farmer 270 Acres 3 Labr 3 Boys
Farmer Of 320 Acres Employing 5 Men & 1 Boy Wife
Annuitant (No Occ)
Farmer Of 418 Acres
Farmer Wife
Farmers Daugh
Ag Labourer
Ag Lab Wife
Dock Porter
Cabinet Maker Master (Employing 1 Boy)
Brickmaker Wife
Comml Agent
Brickmaker Daughter (Scholar)
Brick Maker
Daughter (Scholar)
Farmer 296 Ac 3 Men 3 Boys
Domestic Serv Cook
Boot Maker
Employed At Home
Engine Driver Agricultural (Attend)
Farm Labourer Wife