Turnell in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

Joseph Turnell
William Turnell
John Turnell
Charles Turnell
George Turnell
Arthur Turnell
Thomas Turnell
Samuel Turnell
Alfred Turnell
Edward Turnell
Fredk. Turnell
Walter Turnell
James Turnell
Matthew Turnell
Jno.H. Turnell
Tom Turnell
Frank Turnell
Jabez Turnell
Harry Turnell
Fred Turnell
Willm. Turnell
Allan Turnell
Alexander Turnell
Fred.Wm. Turnell
A. Turnell
Jno.Edmond Turnell
Jeremiah Turnell
Ernest Turnell
Edwd.M. Turnell
Isaac Turnell
Robert Turnell
Cyril Turnell
Heny.H. Turnell
Milford Turnell
Benjamin Turnell
Leonard Turnell
Andrew Turnell
Willingham Turnell
G. Turnell
Wilfred Turnell
Frederick Turnell
Albert Turnell
Jno.Fred Turnell
W. Turnell
Jno. Turnell
Thos. Turnell
Francis Turnell
Septiruns Turnell
Eric Turnell
J.H. Turnell

Top female forenames

Sarah Turnell
Mary Turnell
Annie Turnell
Elizabeth Turnell
Ellen Turnell
Emma Turnell
Charlotte Turnell
Louisa Turnell
Ann Turnell
Emily Turnell
Alice Turnell
Martha Turnell
Lucy Turnell
Kate Turnell
Eliza Turnell
Edith Turnell
Lydia Turnell
Rosa Turnell
Eleanor Turnell
Harriet Turnell
Margaret Turnell
Fanny Turnell
Amy Turnell
Sophia Turnell
Agnes Turnell
Rebecca Turnell
Jane Turnell
Harriett Turnell
Maria Turnell
Clara Turnell
Hannah Turnell
Esther Turnell
Lilian Turnell
Amelia Turnell
Ell. Turnell
Katie Turnell
Ada Turnell
Juliet Turnell
Rachael Turnell
Henrt. Turnell
E. Turnell
Florence Turnell
M.A. Turnell
Catherine Turnell
Anne Turnell
Lizzie Turnell
Laura Turnell
Alma Turnell
Ruby Turnell
Elizth Turnell

Top occupations

General Laborer
French Polisher
Engine Fitter
Cook Domestic Servant
No Occupation
Cotton Factory Ope
Weaver Hair Factory
Rivetter In Shoe Trade
Dress Maker
Chemists Assistant
Farmer Of 350 Ac Employing 8 Men & 2 Boys
Domestic Servant
Farmers Dau
Drapers Wife
Electro Plater (Image)
Electroplater Out Of Employ (Whitemetal)
Errand Boy
Farm Laborer
Farmer Widow
Farmer Occuping 550 Acres Employing 20 Men & Boy
Boot Binder
(Woollen Power Loom) Weaver
Ag Laborer
Ag Labourer
Architects Pupil (Art Student)
Assistant Milliner
Blacksmith Apprentice
Boarding House Keeper
Collar Maker Saddler
Woolen Weaver
Brewer (Wife)
Builders Foreman
Chemist & Druggist
Clerk & Timekeeper