Teesdale in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Teesdale
William Teesdale
George Teesdale
Thomas Teesdale
Henry Teesdale
Joseph Teesdale
Edward Teesdale
James Teesdale
Robert Teesdale
Alfred Teesdale
Edwin Teesdale
Charles Teesdale
Arthur Teesdale
Frederick Teesdale
Richard Teesdale
Harry Teesdale
Walter Teesdale
Fred. Teesdale
Frank Teesdale
Ralph Teesdale
Fredk. Teesdale
Frederic Teesdale
Samuel Teesdale
Marmaduke Teesdale
Brackenbury Teesdale
Jackson Teesdale
Aaron Teesdale
Isaac Teesdale
Enoch Teesdale
Noah Teesdale
Harold Teesdale
Mason Teesdale
Grantham Teesdale
Edmund Teesdale
Major Teesdale
Christopher Teesdale
Geo. Teesdale
Chares Teesdale
Thos. Teesdale
Jacob Teesdale
Albert Teesdale
Isaih Teesdale
Fred Teesdale
Herbert Teesdale
Francis Teesdale
Obadiah Teesdale
Emanuel Teesdale
Matthew Teesdale
Hall Teesdale
Godfrey Teesdale

Top female forenames

Mary Teesdale
Elizabeth Teesdale
Sarah Teesdale
Alice Teesdale
Jane Teesdale
Hannah Teesdale
Emma Teesdale
Susan Teesdale
Emily Teesdale
Eliza Teesdale
Florence Teesdale
Louisa Teesdale
Ann Teesdale
Isabella Teesdale
Martha Teesdale
Annie Teesdale
Dorothy Teesdale
Ada Teesdale
Clara Teesdale
Charlotte Teesdale
Kate Teesdale
Bessie Teesdale
Margaret Teesdale
Ellen Teesdale
Harriet Teesdale
Frances Teesdale
Lizzie Teesdale
Minnie Teesdale
Matilda Teesdale
Barbara Teesdale
Anne Teesdale
Maria Teesdale
Amy Teesdale
Edith Teesdale
Fanny Teesdale
Rachel Teesdale
Kathleen Teesdale
Caroline Teesdale
Eliz. Teesdale
Marianne Teesdale
Amelia Teesdale
Eleanor Teesdale
Marg. Teesdale
Agnes Teesdale
Flora Teesdale
Selina Teesdale
Eveline Teesdale
Rose Teesdale
L. Teesdale
Esther Teesdale

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Ag Lab
No Occupation
Domestic Servant
Farm Labourer
Iron Miner
Farmers Wife
General Servant
Colliery Clerk
Income From Dividends Etc
General Labourer
Labourers Wife
Colliery Weighman
Cottager Of 4 Acres
Colliery Manager
Cotton Card Room Hand
Cook Dom Ser
Working Miller (Corn)
Cabinet Maker
Colliery Weighman Daur
Cook & Servt Dom
Bank Clerk
Agent & Farm Bailiff
Agent & Farm Bailiff Wife
Apprentice (Printer)
Baker & Groom
Baker Out Of Employ
Coach Body Maker
Brewery Manager
Butcher & Cattle Dealer
C.S.Superanuated Postmaster
Cab Driver
Canon & Head Master Lt 2 Group College M A Oxon