Searls in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Searls
Thomas Searls
Henry Searls
John Searls
George Searls
Albert Searls
Alfred Searls
Clifton Searls
Wm.Thos. Searls
Charles Searls
Robert Searls
Joseph Searls
James Searls
Frank Searls
Earnest Searls
Chas.Isaac Searls
Samuel Searls
Percy Searls
Isaac Searls
Edward Searls

Top female forenames

Mary Searls
Sarah Searls
Elizabeth Searls
Emma Searls
Edith Searls
Clara Searls
Alice Searls
Ellen Searls
Eliza Searls
Caroline Searls
Eleanor Searls
Anne Searls
Susan Searls
Harriet Searls
Sabra Searls
Flora Searls
Ada Searls
Rose Searls
Nellie Searls
Maude Searls
Letty Searls
Betsy Searls
Ida Searls
Annie Searls
Theresa Searls
Hester Searls
Ann Searls
Francis Searls
Adalaide Searls
Rosina Searls
Rhoda Searls
Minnie Searls
Maud Searls
Louisa Searls
Blanch Searls
Jane Searls
Bessie Searls
Vilenda Searls
Hilda Searls

Top occupations

Apprentice Factors
Seafaring Man
Merchant & Manufacturer
Packers Clerk
Roller ... At Factory (Sp...)
Ry Lab
Greenwich Pensioner Yact Sailing Master (Seaman)
Servant Domestic
Steel Manufacturer
Stonemason Employing 1 Man And A Boy
Wholesale Cutler Employing 1 Man 1 Boy
Wholesale Milliner 29 Females & 51 Males
Works At Papermill
Charing & Washing
Agent In The Iron Trade
Agril Labourer
Apprentice Merchant
Assist Housewife
Boot & Shoe Maker
Carpenter Joiner
Housemaid (Domestic)
Cloth Warehouseman
Commercial Clerk (Stuff)
Commercial Traveller (Stuff)
Farm Laboorer
Farm Labourers Wife
Farm Servant Indoor
Formerly Scythe Maker
(Dom Serv)