Reakes in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

George Reakes
William Reakes
John Reakes
Albert Reakes
Thomas Reakes
James Reakes
Henry Reakes
Charles Reakes
Herbert Reakes
Walter Reakes
Edwin Reakes
Mark Reakes
Frank Reakes
Robert Reakes
Edward Reakes
Joseph Reakes
Frederick Reakes
Oliver Reakes
Ernest Reakes
Stephen Reakes
Harry Reakes
Alfred Reakes
Daniel Reakes
Arthur Reakes
Seward Reakes
Gilbert Reakes
Alpheus Reakes
Peter Reakes
Fred Reakes
Meak Reakes
Thos.Paul Reakes
Clarence Reakes
Job Reakes
Aubrey Reakes
Sidney Reakes
Arnold Reakes
Samuel Reakes
Richard Reakes
Frederich Reakes
Wm. Reakes
Paul Reakes
Wilfred Reakes
Noah Reakes
Tom Reakes
Thos. Reakes
Christopher Reakes
Theadore Reakes
Austin Reakes
Stanley Reakes

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Reakes
Mary Reakes
Ellen Reakes
Eliza Reakes
Sarah Reakes
Alice Reakes
Emma Reakes
Ann Reakes
Emily Reakes
Jane Reakes
Annie Reakes
Martha Reakes
Florence Reakes
Louisa Reakes
Clara Reakes
Rose Reakes
Edith Reakes
Charlotte Reakes
May Reakes
Georgina Reakes
Ada Reakes
Maria Reakes
Margaret Reakes
Eleanor Reakes
Lavinia Reakes
Jemima Reakes
Caroline Reakes
Henrietta Reakes
Nellie Reakes
Hannah Reakes
Amy Reakes
Matilda Reakes
Georgia Reakes
Agnes Reakes
Margarett Reakes
Mabel Reakes
Lillian Reakes
Theresa Reakes
Julia Reakes
Rosina Reakes
Bethia Reakes
Rebecca Reakes
Harriet Reakes

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Coal Miner
F Son
Farm Labourer
Gen Lab
Domestic Servant
Platelayer Tram
Butcher & Publican
Farm Sevant
Railway Clerk
((Assistant At Home)) Thatcher
Farmer Brother
Coal Tiper
Farm Balief
Farm Servant
Errand Boy
Employed At Silk Factory
Farmer (40 Acres)
Farmer 128 Acres Employing 3 Labourers And One Woman
Farmer 200 Acres (2 Men 1 Boy)
Domestic Serv (General)
((Assistant At Home)) Scholar
(No Occ) Domestic Servant
Agricultural Labourer
Assistant At Home
Assistant In Drapers Shop
Assistant Surveyor
Asst Governess Sply
Asst Veterinary Surgeon
Wine CEllarman
Carpenter & Joiner
Carpenter Etc
Certificated Master (School)
Commercial Traveller(Oil)