Raynolds in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Raynolds
William Raynolds
Edward Raynolds
James Raynolds
George Raynolds
Chas. Raynolds
Aurther Raynolds
Alfred Raynolds
Thomas Raynolds
Michael Raynolds
Jno. Raynolds
Henry Raynolds
Ernest Raynolds
Charley Raynolds
Arthur Raynolds
Tom Raynolds
Samuel Raynolds
Edwin Raynolds

Top female forenames

Mary Raynolds
Ann Raynolds
Sarah Raynolds
Caroline Raynolds
Alice Raynolds
Frances Raynolds
Elizabeth Raynolds
Annie Raynolds
Seppey Raynolds
Alis Raynolds
Maud Raynolds
Agnes Raynolds
Lilley Raynolds
Harriet Raynolds
Emma Raynolds
Elley Raynolds
Edna Raynolds
Jessie Raynolds
Emily Raynolds
Celia Raynolds

Top occupations

Domestic Servant
Ag Lab
Retired Fancy Warehouse Man
Quarry Man (Stone)
Monthly Nurse
Scholar Dymock
Laundry Woman
Labourer General
Labourer Ag
Labourer (Quarry)
Labourer (Nursery)
(Agr) Laborer
Laborer Wife
Stone Mason
Income From Houses
Genl Serv Domestic
General Domestic
Gardener (N I)
Farmers Wife
Farmer Of 1350 Acres & Yeoman Of 30 Acres Employing 40 Men & 12 Boys
Farm Labourer
Coffee House Keeper
Coal Salesman
Coal Mine Labourer Wife
Coal Mine Labourer
Clerk Jeweller
Cabinet Maker
Ag Labs Wife