Rankine in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

Thomas Rankine
John Rankine
William Rankine
James Rankine
Edward Rankine
Robert Rankine
David Rankine
Adam Rankine
Mathew Rankine
Hubert Rankine
George Rankine
Andrew Rankine
Wallace Rankine
Hugh Rankine
Harry Rankine
Geo Rankine

Top female forenames

Jane Rankine
Catherine Rankine
Mary Rankine
Jessie Rankine
Marion Rankine
Martha Rankine
Marian Rankine
Maggie Rankine
Kate Rankine
Helen Rankine
Margaret Rankine
Louisa Rankine
Henrietta Rankine
Elizabeth Rankine
Annie Rankine

Top occupations

Railway Clerk
2nd Mate
Physician And Surgeon
Printer Compositor
Printers Wife
Telegraph Clerk
Turkey Red Dyer
Wife Of The Above
National School Mistress
National School Master
C S Clerk Lower Div B Of T
Cotton & General Corn Mercht
Domestic Servant
General Servant (Domestic)
Junior Examiner Education Dept
Lath Splitter
Leading Man Of Engine Fitters
Leading Seaman R N
Wine & Spirit Merchant