Radwell in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Radwell
Thomas Radwell
George Radwell
James Radwell
John Radwell
Charles Radwell
Edward Radwell
Henry Radwell
Joseph Radwell
Alfred Radwell
Walter Radwell
Herbert Radwell
Arthur Radwell
Fredrick Radwell
Ernest Radwell
Earnest Radwell
Samuel Radwell
Harry Radwell
Richard Radwell
Philip Radwell
Fredk. Radwell
Norman Radwell
Frank Radwell
Lewis Radwell
Ezra Radwell
Jonah Radwell
Edwin Radwell
Edmund Radwell
Chas. Radwell
Sidney Radwell
Hayden Radwell
Robert Radwell
Harriett Radwell
Raber Radwell
Obadiah Radwell
Frederick Radwell
Martha Radwell
Felix Radwell
Horace Radwell

Top female forenames

Mary Radwell
Elizabeth Radwell
Sarah Radwell
Emma Radwell
Jane Radwell
Louisa Radwell
Hannah Radwell
Caroline Radwell
Amelia Radwell
Catherine Radwell
Alice Radwell
Eliza Radwell
Harriett Radwell
Ann Radwell
Lucy Radwell
Edith Radwell
Matilda Radwell
Harriet Radwell
Martha Radwell
Annie Radwell
Fanny Radwell
Amy Radwell
Mable Radwell
Tamar Radwell
Ellen Radwell
Sophie Radwell
Ada Radwell
Lizzy Radwell
Julia Radwell
Dorcus Radwell
Rosa Radwell
Isabella Radwell
Clementine Radwell
May Radwell
Cassy Radwell
C. Radwell
Maria Radwell
Frances Radwell
Mahala Radwell
Emmeline Radwell
Emily Radwell
Susan Radwell
Agnes Radwell
Lois Radwell
Sophia Radwell
Kate Radwell
Roseanna Radwell
Dora Radwell
Nellie Radwell
Harriott Radwell

Top occupations

Agricultural Laborer
Ag Lab
Ag Laborer
No Occupation
Agricultural Labourer
General Labourer
General Labr
Farm Labourer
Grocer & Cheesemonger Wife
Kitchen Maid
Genl Servant
Housemaid (Dom)
Gl Domestic Servant
Housekeeper & Cook
Hosier Assistant
Grocer & Farmer 17 Acres Employ 1 Man
Groom (8/-)
Groom (D)
Groome (ND)
(W) Factory Operative
Harness Maker Houses & Shop
Horse Keeper (Ag Lab)
Cordwainer (Shoemaker)
Beer Retailer
Brewers Clerk
Butler Domestic Servant
Agricultural Labour
Carpenter (Signal Works)
General Domestic
District Nurse (Sub Med)
Dom Servant Out Of Place
Wife Farm Labourer
Domestic Servant
Drapery Warehouseman
Dress Maker
Ag Lab Wife
Formerly Domestic Servt