Pritchards in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Pritchards
John Pritchards
Joseph Pritchards
Thomas Pritchards
Samuel Pritchards
Richard Pritchards
George Pritchards
Willm. Pritchards
Saml. Pritchards
Francis Pritchards
Robert Pritchards
James Pritchards
Herbert Pritchards
F.F. Pritchards
Charles Pritchards
Richards Pritchards
Owen Pritchards
Hugh Pritchards
Griffith Pritchards
Evan Pritchards
Arthur Pritchards

Top female forenames

Mary Pritchards
Sarah Pritchards
Elizabeth Pritchards
Jane Pritchards
Ellen Pritchards
Rebecca Pritchards
Anne Pritchards
Ann Pritchards
Agnes Pritchards
Hannah Pritchards
Fanny Pritchards
Miriam Pritchards
Clarinda Pritchards
Martha Pritchards
Catherine Pritchards
Margaret Pritchards
Anna Pritchards
Louisa Pritchards
Alice Pritchards
Jemima Pritchards
Harriet Pritchards
Gaynay Pritchards
Rose Pritchards
Pininer Pritchards
Eliza Pritchards
Clara Pritchards
Maria Pritchards
Lucy Pritchards
Lomey Pritchards

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Slate Quarryman
Card Room Worker
Labourer In Iron Works
Engine Driver
(Slate) Quarryman
Slate Quarry Manager (Quarrier)
Living On Out Door Relief (No Occ)
Learning Iron Trade
Wardrobe Maker (Cabinet)
Labourer In Forge
Laborer D Yard
Needlewoman (Pauper)
Nurse (Domestic)
Shoeing Smith
Quarry Man
Rly Clerk (O Ry O)
Sate Quarryman
General Servt (Domestic)
General Servant Domentic
Domestic Serv
Coal Miner (Out Of Work)
Carpet Weaver
((General Serv))
Brickyard Labourer
At Home
Factory Girl (Hardware)
Farm Laborer
Farm Serv (Indoor)
General Serv(Domestic)
General Serv
General Labourer Wife
General Labourer
Gen Domestic Servant
Farmer Of 70 Acres
Farm Serv Shepherd Wife
Farm Serv Shepherd
Ag Lab