Pringuer in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Pringuer
Samuel Pringuer
James Pringuer
Frederick Pringuer
Catherne Pringuer
Henry Pringuer
Edward Pringuer
Alfred Pringuer

Top female forenames

Ann Pringuer
Jessie Pringuer
Sarah Pringuer
Julia Pringuer
Hannah Pringuer
Fanny Pringuer
Constance Pringuer
Charlotte Pringuer
Maria Pringuer
Gertrude Pringuer
Eliza Pringuer
Clara Pringuer
Beatrice Pringuer
Alice Pringuer

Top occupations

Cabinet Maker Etc
Warehouse Foreman
Solicitors Clerk
Silk Hemmer
Pupil Teacher
Professor Music
Chemists Wife
Chemists Son
Chemists Daur
Chemist & Dentist
Caretaker In Charge Of Premises J.Knight Prop Employ 38 Hands In Silk Trimming
Warehouse Foremans Wife