Presgrave in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Presgrave
Charles Presgrave
William Presgrave
Henry Presgrave
Edward Presgrave
Whiley Presgrave
Stephen Presgrave
Percy Presgrave
Herbert Presgrave
Fred Presgrave
Douglas Presgrave
Thomas Presgrave
Ralph Presgrave

Top female forenames

Sarah Presgrave
Mary Presgrave
Emma Presgrave
Elizabeth Presgrave
Jane Presgrave
Frances Presgrave
Emmaline Presgrave
Ellen Presgrave
Catherine Presgrave
Annie Presgrave
Susan Presgrave
Grace Presgrave
Emmeline Presgrave
Betsy Presgrave
Ann Presgrave

Top occupations

Miller & Baker (Corn)
Paymaster Active Service Army Off
Person in Charge
Private Soldier
Publicans Assistant (Dom Ser)
Registered General Practitioner Licd Faculty Physicians & Surgeon
Ry Foreman
Station Master
Station Master Wife
Steward Of Hospital
Agl Laborer
Matron Of Hospital
Annuitant Lic In Midwiffery Glasgow
Baker & Grocer
Bakers Daug
Bakers Wife
Bar Maide
Draper And Grocer (Retired)
General Labourer
General Serv (Domestic)
Genl Servt Domestic
Indian Pensioner
Wine Merchant