Millican in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Millican
William Millican
Thomas Millican
Robert Millican
James Millican
George Millican
Joseph Millican
Henry Millican
Charles Millican
Frederick Millican
Alfred Millican
Andrew Millican
Isaac Millican
Joe Millican
Albert Millican
Walter Millican
Ernest Millican
Edward Millican
Arthur Millican
Matthew Millican
Lewis Millican
Jonathan Millican
Jacob Millican
David Millican
Mark Millican
Christopher Millican
Harry Millican
Richard Millican
Alf Millican
Wiliam Millican
Edwin Millican
Watson Millican
E.F. Millican
Martin Millican
Adam Millican
Clement Millican
Lowther Millican
Herbert Millican
Thos. Millican
Chas.Isaac Millican
Hendrey Millican
Sydney Millican
Benjamin Millican
Josiah Millican
Gibson Millican
Ridley Millican
Augustus Millican
Geo. Millican
Philipson Millican
Arnsion Millican

Top female forenames

Mary Millican
Elizabeth Millican
Sarah Millican
Margaret Millican
Jane Millican
Annie Millican
Hannah Millican
Ellen Millican
Ada Millican
Isabella Millican
Emily Millican
Ann Millican
Edith Millican
Eliza Millican
Frances Millican
Alice Millican
Ruth Millican
Phoebe Millican
Martha Millican
Agnes Millican
Maria Millican
Catherine Millican
Kate Millican
Janet Millican
Caroline Millican
Maggie Millican
Louisa Millican
Lilian Millican
Amelia Millican
Eve Millican
Charlotte Millican
Laura Millican
Ethel Millican
Ester Millican
Bridget Millican
Lucy Millican
Francis Millican
Rachel Millican
Nancy Millican
Lavinia Millican
Alma Millican
Eva Millican
Cecilia Millican
Agness Millican
Esther Millican
Marion Millican
Cathrin Millican
Emmeline Millican
Margt. Millican
Margery Millican

Top occupations

Farmers Son
Coal Miner
Farmers Daur
Ag Lab
Farm Labourer
Iron Miner
Lead Miner
Iron Ore Miner
Farmers Wife
Green Grocer
General Servant
Retired Farmer
Railway Clerk (O Ry O)
Engine Fitter
Lead Miners Wife
Lead Ore Dresser
Farmer Of 150 Acres
Railway Porter
Railway Labourer
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Farm Serv (Indoor)
General Servant (Dom)
Lead Miner Wife
Gen Lab
Provision Dealer
Gen Serv
Mariner Mer Ser
Lead Miner Unemployed
Chair Maker
School Master
Domestic Serv
Coal Agent
Coal Miner Wife
Commercial Clerk
Yeoman (72 Acres)