Mildmay in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Carew Mildmay
Arthur Mildmay
Alexander Mildmay
W. Mildmay
Henry Mildmay
G. Mildmay
Frank Mildmay
Ernest Mildmay
Charles Mildmay
Arundel Mildmay
Alfred Mildmay
Hy Mildmay
George Mildmay
Frederick Mildmay
Francis Mildmay
Edmund Mildmay

Top female forenames

Charlott Mildmay
Beatrice Mildmay
Alice Mildmay
Lettitia Mildmay
Grace Mildmay
Florence Mildmay
Emily Mildmay
Edith Mildmay
Charlotte Mildmay
Carlotte Mildmay
Augusta Mildmay
P. Mildmay
Jane Mildmay
Georgiana Mildmay
Evalyne Mildmay
Eliza Mildmay
Constance Mildmay

Top occupations

(Student) Undergraduate
Baronet Land Owner
Comic Vocalist
Equerry To H R H Duke Of Cambridge
Land Owner & Magistrate
Law Student
Lieut R A Active List
Lieutenant Rifle Bde
Officers Daughter
Private 11th Hussars
Private Income
Student Scholar Lieut Militia