Mildenhall in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Mildenhall
John Mildenhall
Charles Mildenhall
George Mildenhall
James Mildenhall
Henry Mildenhall
Joseph Mildenhall
Thomas Mildenhall
Albert Mildenhall
Frederick Mildenhall
Alfred Mildenhall
Richard Mildenhall
Arthur Mildenhall
Walter Mildenhall
Herbert Mildenhall
Tom Mildenhall
Harry Mildenhall
Stephen Mildenhall
Geo. Mildenhall
Robert Mildenhall
Francis Mildenhall
Percy Mildenhall
Ephram Mildenhall
Lot Mildenhall
Edward Mildenhall
Daniel Mildenhall
Jesse Mildenhall
Chas. Mildenhall
Jacob Mildenhall
Alexander Mildenhall
Silvester Mildenhall
Ernest Mildenhall
Mark Mildenhall
Edwin Mildenhall
Lawrence Mildenhall
Edmund Mildenhall
Chlotte. Mildenhall

Top female forenames

Mary Mildenhall
Elizabeth Mildenhall
Louisa Mildenhall
Alice Mildenhall
Ellen Mildenhall
Eliza Mildenhall
Hannah Mildenhall
Sarah Mildenhall
Charlotte Mildenhall
Jane Mildenhall
Harriett Mildenhall
Ann Mildenhall
Edith Mildenhall
Rosina Mildenhall
Florence Mildenhall
Ada Mildenhall
Lucy Mildenhall
Dinah Mildenhall
Emily Mildenhall
Maria Mildenhall
Isabella Mildenhall
Betsy Mildenhall
Harriet Mildenhall
Amy Mildenhall
Rohda Mildenhall
Maud Mildenhall
Ethel Mildenhall
Martha Mildenhall
Kezia Mildenhall
Thirza Mildenhall
Jessie Mildenhall
Susanah Mildenhall
Caroline Mildenhall
Ruth Mildenhall
Rosanna Mildenhall
Nora Mildenhall
Fanny Mildenhall
Thursa Mildenhall
June Mildenhall
Clara Mildenhall
Thirsa Mildenhall
Jemima Mildenhall
Catherine Mildenhall

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Farm Labourer
Ag Laborer
Agri. Labourer
Agricultural Labourer
General Servant
Cotton Weaver
Domestic Servant
Farm Carter
Farm Servant
Formerly Farm Laborer
Formerly Laundress
Game Keeper
Gardeners Helper
General Laborer
Genl Domestic
Groom 8/1
House Maid
Housemaid Domestic
Carpenter Journeyman
Ag Engine Driver
Ag Labr
Agricultural Laborer
Agricultural Laborer Plough Boy
Boilersmith G W R (Maker)
Boot Maker
Butler Domestic Serv
Carpenter & Wheelwright Master Employing One Man
Carpenter And Joiner
Drapers Assist
Carter Boy
Char Woman
Cotton Mixer
Dairy Women Ag Lab
Detained Under Industrial Schools Act
Domestic At Home
((General Labs Wife))
Domestic Servant House (Maid)