Milbank in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Milbank
John Milbank
James Milbank
George Milbank
Thomas Milbank
Charles Milbank
Walter Milbank
Arthur Milbank
Henry Milbank
Abraham Milbank
Edward Milbank
Frederick Milbank
Daniel Milbank
Mark Milbank
Alfred Milbank
Albert Milbank
Francis Milbank
Richard Milbank
Joseph Milbank
Sussex Milbank
Samuel Milbank
Robert Milbank
Ernest Milbank
Ralph Milbank
Peniston Milbank
D'ARCY Milbank
Julius Milbank
Chas. Milbank
Thos.Henry Milbank
Herbert Milbank
Sydney Milbank
Godolpin Milbank
Stanley Milbank
Geo. Milbank
Sam Milbank
Elias Milbank
Powlett Milbank
Christopher Milbank
Wm. Milbank

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Milbank
Sarah Milbank
Mary Milbank
Alice Milbank
Jane Milbank
Annie Milbank
Catherine Milbank
Emma Milbank
Emily Milbank
Eliza Milbank
Edith Milbank
Ellen Milbank
Margaret Milbank
Florence Milbank
Ann Milbank
Susan Milbank
Maria Milbank
Sophia Milbank
Ada Milbank
Martha Milbank
Charlotte Milbank
Hannah Milbank
Caroline Milbank
Louisa Milbank
Theresa Milbank
Julia Milbank
Agnes Milbank
Eleanor Milbank
Rachel Milbank
Helena Milbank
Dorothy Milbank
Harriot Milbank
Catharine Milbank
Lydia Milbank
Louise Milbank
Ethel Milbank
W. Milbank
Lizzie Milbank
Tamar Milbank
Aline Milbank
Laura Milbank
Elizbth. Milbank
Alexina Milbank
Jessie Milbank
Adalaide Milbank
Hester Milbank
Helen Milbank
Daniel Milbank
Harriett Milbank
M. Milbank

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Farmers Son
Farmers Daughter
Farm Bailiff
General Servant
Magistrate Deputy Lieutenant (...)
Coal Hawker
Magistrates Daughter
Farmer Of 223 Acres Employing 8 Men And 1 Boy
Farmer Of 100 Acres Emp 5 Men And 2 Boys
Farmer Of 100 Acres
Ag Lab W
Wife Of Flour Miller
Farmer 330 Acres Emp 10 Men And 3 Boys
Farm Servant (Indoors)
Farm Baliff To Exectors Of The Late John Randall 300 Acres Emp 9 Men & 4 Boys
Farm Bailiff Wife
Farmer Of 380 Acres Employ 24 Men And 3 Boys
Factory Hand Worsted
Errand Boy
Ag Labs W
Agricultural Laborer
(Cook) (Domestic Servant)
Army Pensioner & Carpenter
Assistant At Music Warehouse
At Home
Domestic Servant (Housemaid)
Domestic Servant
Domestic Ser
Dom Serv
Coal Merchant
Baronet Farming 700 Acres Employing 11 Men & 4 Boys
Clerk (Printers)
Barristers Clerk
Carpenter (Journyn)
Bread Baker