Harms in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Harms
John Harms
Thomas Harms
Henry Harms
George Harms
Frank Harms
Charles Harms
Frederick Harms
Joseph Harms
Arthur Harms
James Harms
Hezekiah Harms
Allan Harms
Adolph Harms
Fredrick Harms
Edwin Harms
Robt. Harms
David Harms
Christopher Harms
Herbert Harms
Alfred Harms
Harry Harms
Friedrich Harms
Wm. Harms
Fredk. Harms
Walter Harms
T. Harms
Edward Harms
Ranhard Harms
Claus Harms

Top female forenames

Mary Harms
Ellen Harms
Jane Harms
Elizabeth Harms
Eliza Harms
Emily Harms
Charlotte Harms
Caroline Harms
Louisa Harms
Annie Harms
Alice Harms
Kate Harms
Ada Harms
Harriet Harms
Susan Harms
Georgina Harms
Florence Harms
Emma Harms
Sarah Harms
Augusta Harms
Kitty Harms
Elsie Harms
Rose Harms
Ann Harms
Elizth. Harms
Phibe Harms
Mathedey Harms
Hester Harms
Elen Harms
Martha Harms
Cordelia Harms
Maria Harms
Frances Harms
Margaret Harms
Fanny Harms
Winnie Harms
Ethel Harms
Bertha Harms
Laura Harms
Rosina Harms
Keline Harms
Rachel Harms
Julia Harms
Mercy Harms
Isabel Harms
Eliz. Harms
Harriett Harms
Edith Harms
Marian Harms
Clementine Harms

Top occupations

Ag Lab
General Labourer
General Servant
Income From Dividends
Plumber Painter
General Serv
General Shop
Road Surveyor
Railway Porter
Grocers Assistant
Railway Clerk
Rail Signalman
Houses & Part Profit Of Confectioners Shop Etc
Ironmonger Employing 2 Men 1 Boy
Kitchen Md Serv Dom
Landury Maid Dom
Mantle Manufr
Minister Of The German Church
Parlour Maid
Platelayer (Railway)
Cook Domestic Serv
Bombadier (R A)
Brewers Lab
Brickfd Lab
Cigar Maker
Civil Servant
Clerk Stationers
Confectioner (Master)
Confectioners Wife
General Servant (Dom)
Dom Servt
Drapers Porter
Envelope Stamper
Farm Labourer
Farmer Of 99 Acres Employing 1 Man & 1 Woman
Fitter Turner & Erector Of Marine Engines
Gen Lab