Greatwood in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Greatwood
James Greatwood
George Greatwood
William Greatwood
Henry Greatwood
Thomas Greatwood
Edward Greatwood
Sidney Greatwood
Charles Greatwood
Walter Greatwood
Arthur Greatwood
Albert Greatwood
Frederick Greatwood
W. Greatwood
Francis Greatwood
R. Greatwood
Chas. Greatwood
Levi Greatwood
C. Greatwood
Jno. Greatwood
Amos Greatwood
Herbert Greatwood
H.H. Greatwood
Wm. Greatwood
Fredrick Greatwood
Frank Greatwood
Tom Greatwood
Ernest Greatwood
Chorley Greatwood
Mark Greatwood

Top female forenames

Mary Greatwood
Emma Greatwood
Emily Greatwood
Elizabeth Greatwood
Anne Greatwood
Lettica Greatwood
Florence Greatwood
Selina Greatwood
Ruth Greatwood
Eliza Greatwood
Alice Greatwood
Sarah Greatwood
Rose Greatwood
Maria Greatwood
Blanche Greatwood
Lydia Greatwood
Ada Greatwood
Georgina Greatwood
Rachel Greatwood
E. Greatwood
Catherine Greatwood
M. Greatwood
Beatrice Greatwood
Lucy Greatwood
Laura Greatwood
Frances Greatwood
Edith Greatwood
Plina Greatwood
Charlotte Greatwood

Top occupations

Iron Moulder
Retired Builder
Iron Turner
Wife Of Fisherman
Labourere For Corporation (Road)
Packer At Dispensary (Hospital)
Printer Compo
Queens Messenger O S
Twine Spinner
Retired General Practioner In Medicine
Umbrella Maker
School Teacher (Head)
School Teacher Ast
String Net Maker
Tinplate Worker
Tins Mans Widow
Draughtsman In Wood (Enginering Artist)
App To Com
Apprentice To Printing
Artist Canvas Makr
Baker And Grocer
Cheesemongers Ass
Coal Miner
Cook Domestic
Dom Serv
Domestic Servant General
Errand Boy
General Laborer
Grocer Wife
Grocers Assistant
Hair Dresser
Horsehair Weaver
Iron Fitter At Foundry