Giffard in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Giffard
John Giffard
George Giffard
James Giffard
Henry Giffard
Edward Giffard
Alfred Giffard
Charles Giffard
Wm. Giffard
Frederick Giffard
Alexander Giffard
Philip Giffard
Christopher Giffard
Harry Giffard
Thomas Giffard
Richard Giffard
Walter Giffard
Arthur Giffard
Douglas Giffard
Tom Giffard
Hardinge Giffard
Samuel Giffard
Alex. Giffard
Agnew Giffard
Natty Giffard
E.W. Giffard
Zachery Giffard
Isaac Giffard
Colin Giffard
Harold Giffard
Campbell Giffard
Thos. Giffard
Hanley Giffard
Tho. Giffard
Gerald Giffard
Robert Giffard
Fredk. Giffard
Albert Giffard
Francis Giffard
Edmund Giffard
J.H. Giffard
Herbert Giffard
Warren Giffard
Cecil Giffard
Benjamin Giffard
H. Giffard

Top female forenames

Mary Giffard
Elizabeth Giffard
Ann Giffard
Alice Giffard
Harriet Giffard
Florence Giffard
Caroline Giffard
Maria Giffard
Eliza Giffard
Sarah Giffard
Fanny Giffard
Annie Giffard
Ellen Giffard
Esther Giffard
Anna Giffard
Lilly Giffard
Kate Giffard
Jane Giffard
Emma Giffard
Helen Giffard
Margaret Giffard
Mabel Giffard
A. Giffard
Hannah Giffard
Winifred Giffard
Elise Giffard
Lydia Giffard
Gertrude Giffard
Violet Giffard
Dora Giffard
Louisa Giffard
Susan Giffard
Clara Giffard
Lilian Giffard
Flora Giffard
Ruth Giffard
Cecilia Giffard
Katherine Giffard
Eva Giffard
Rhoda Giffard
Jenny Giffard
Henrietta Giffard
Emily Giffard
Amelia Giffard
Harriett Giffard
Ella Giffard
Magdalene Giffard
Agnes Giffard
Harret Giffard
Lynie Giffard

Top occupations

Cotton Weaver
Domestic Servant
Invests In Engd & Wales
No Occ Innkeepers Son
Master Mariner
Clerk Admiralty
Serv Dom
Ag Lab
Dress & Mantle Maker
Commission Agent
General Laborer
General Domestic Servant
Daughter Of Barrister At Law
Dock Gatekeeper
Dom Serv
Fisher Boy
Fishermans Wife
Dress Maker
Engine Fitter
Engineers Steward
Envelope Folder (...akin)
Fireman On Raily
Fish Merchant
Capt Retired List Madras Army
Accountants Daughter
Admiral R N K.C.B.
Wife To J.F.Giffard
Bakers Daur
Bakers Wife
Barrister At Law
Boot Finisher
Braider (Tailor)
Brass Moulder
Cabinet Maker
Curate In Holy Orders
Carpet Planner
Clerk In House Of Commons
Clerk Solicitors
Cloth Hooker (C P)
Colliery Haulier
Commercial Traveller Tea
Commission Agent Wife