Georgeson in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Georgeson
John Georgeson
James Georgeson
Thomas Georgeson
Robert Georgeson
George Georgeson
Peter Georgeson
Richard Georgeson
Henry Georgeson
Joseph Georgeson
Robt. Georgeson
Edward Georgeson
Lawrance Georgeson
Ralph Georgeson
Edwin Georgeson
Donald Georgeson
Michael Georgeson
Benjami Georgeson
Alexander Georgeson
Jane Georgeson
Isaac Georgeson
Herbert Georgeson
Harry Georgeson
Frederick Georgeson
Patrick Georgeson
David Georgeson
Arthur Georgeson
Hy. Georgeson
Silvester Georgeson
Paul Georgeson

Top female forenames

Mary Georgeson
Elizabeth Georgeson
Ann Georgeson
Jane Georgeson
Ellen Georgeson
Margaret Georgeson
Alice Georgeson
Isabella Georgeson
Sarah Georgeson
Emma Georgeson
Catherine Georgeson
Annie Georgeson
Martha Georgeson
Sophia Georgeson
Caroline Georgeson
Laura Georgeson
Agnes Georgeson
Teresa Georgeson
Grace Georgeson
Rosette Georgeson
Nancy Georgeson
Edith Georgeson
Barbara Georgeson
Lillie Georgeson
Anne Georgeson
Kattie Georgeson
Tyler Georgeson
Ester Georgeson
Ruth Georgeson
Emily Georgeson
Phillis Georgeson
Dorothy Georgeson
Maria Georgeson
Lucy Georgeson

Top occupations

Farm Lab
Coal Miner
General Labourer
Felt Hat Finisher
Dock Labourer
General Laborer
House Painter
Engine Fitter At Paper Mill
Farm Laborers Wife
Farm Servant
Farmer Of 58 Acres Employ 3 Labs
General Serv
Hatters Salesman
Ladies Maid
Housemaid (Ds)
Iron Worker
Labourer (Ironworks)
Leading Stoker
Colliery Labourer
Assurance Agent
Boot Maker
Brass Finisher
Chemist In Paper Mill (Man)
Club & Cocoa ... Manage
Coal Miners Drawer
Coal Miners Widow
Colliery Breakman
Colliery Dattaller
Colliery Engine Driver
Farm Laborer
Commercial Traveller Hats
Cook & A B
Cook & A B (Bargeman)
Cook Domestic Servant
Cotton Winder
Domestic Serv
Domestic Servant
Agricutural Laborer