Fittock in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Fittock
George Fittock
Henry Fittock
Jasper Fittock
Charles Fittock
John Fittock
Peter Fittock
Edwin Fittock
Rawlins Fittock
Ernest Fittock
E. Fittock
Albert Fittock

Top female forenames

Emma Fittock
Louisa Fittock
Eliza Fittock
Mary Fittock
Lavinia Fittock
Jane Fittock
Helen Fittock
Ellen Fittock
Elisabeth Fittock
Matilda Fittock
Anna Fittock
Margaret Fittock
Keyiah Fittock
Isabella Fittock
Harriet Fittock
Emily Fittock
Celia Fittock
Ada Fittock
Mabel Fittock

Top occupations

Trinity Pilot
Shop Assistant
Architect & Survayor
Surveyor To Lloyds Register Pensioned Inspr Of Ship
Surveyor To Lloyds Register Pensioned Inspr Of Ships Wife
Teacher Of Piano Musician
O S ?
Late H B M Consul Net ?
Glass Blower
Foreman Dockyard
Drapers Assistant
Cook Domestic Serv
Captain M.Seaman
Writer H M Dockyard (C S O)